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18th century and romantic test

18th Century AuthorsDryden, Behen, Swift, Pope, Johnson, GrayRomantic AuthorsBlake, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Wollstonecraft, Byron ON18TH CENTURY AND ROMANTIC TEST SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowJohn Dryden* wrote drama – opportunistic- semi immoral
* wrote panegyrics= poems about celebrities – formal verse satire
” ABSALOM AND ACHITOPHEL”- written for Charles II- Achitophel= biblical priest that misguided Absalom (davids son) – dryden attempts to sway political opinion against Shafesbury by making Achitophel the Earl of Shafesbury.

” A song for St. Cecelia’s Day”- uses word choice to create the sounds each instrument makes – chain of being.. notes scale harmony – universe it the stage that the drama of human salvation has been acted out upon- music glorifying god- trumpets shall sound dead will rise – judgement day

” An Essay of Dramatic Poesy”- felt wit h processes of literary creation, the poets relation to tradition, the forms of modern drama, the craft of poetry, and above all the genius of earlier poets- compares Shakespeare and Ben Johnon

Aphra Behn* first english woman to be a professional writer – make living by the pen
*drama, epistolary novel, translations

Oroonoko (it) – travel narrative about a black man- ” royal slave” – courageous, high-minded – encountes primitive indians and noble africans – challenges Europeans to examine them selves

Jonathan Swift*Irish
*dean of St. Patricks Cathederal
*supporter of Irish interests agains English exploitations

” A Description of a City Shower” – quote: ” sweeping fro butcher’s stalls, dung, guts and blood, drowned puppies stinking sprats, all drenched in mud, Dead cats and turnip tops and come tumbling down in the flood.” – typical of satire to deal with prevalent evils

Battle of the Books (it) – mod heroic prose satire, ancients represented by the Bee which produces sweetness and light and moders by the spider which produces only dirt and poison

The Tale of a Tub -(it)- ” a cock and bull story” – 3 brothers who inherit suits of clothes and a will (the scriptures)- Peter, Catholics; Martin, the lutherans and Anglicans; and Jack, the other Protestants. Plea for doing away with superficial trappings and the unity of all believers- clean up the religions

Gullivers Travels (it)

” A Modest Proposal for Presents the Childern of Poor People in Ireland for Being a Burhen to Their Parents or the Country and for Making the Beneficial to the Publick”

Alexander Pope* very short b/c of TB- angry about it
*wrote translations ” imitation, satire, literary criticism and philosophy
* Master of style- rhythmic veriety-
” The Dunciad”
” An Essay on Criticism” – didactic poem- defines Neoclassical criticism, wit, Nature, rules, genius- in rhymed couplets – quote ” a little learning is a dangerous thing drink deep or taste not the pierian spring. there shallow draughs intoxicate the brain and drinking largely sobers us again
” An Essay on Man”- philosophical poem – a survey of the moral order of the Universe– the rational phenomenological basis of natural theology — avoids Christian doctrine
” The Rape of the Lock” Samuel Johnson*champion of common sense
*the biography of him is the most famous ever written

” The Vanity of Human Wishes”- on the danger of wishful thinking and imitation of Juvenal Satire

Rasselas (it)- what choices in life will bring us happiness – Imlack

The Dictionary (it)

Lives of the Poets (it)

Thomas Gray” Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat”- imitation of a poem by Dryden- lofty language to describe how a the cat drowned trying to catch a goldfish- temptation – compare cat to a woman- Eve

” Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard”- quote: ” and all that beauty , all that wealth e’er gave, awaits alike the inevitable hour. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.” no matter if you are poor or famous, we all will die. – theme of death – quote ” full many a flower is born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air.”- poem is not a full elegy- emphasizes visual surroundings- poets grave – epitaph

William Blake*prophetic poetry
* was thought to be mad

Song of Innocence, Song of Experience
” The Lamb”, ” The Tyger”
” The Chimney Sweeper”, ” The Chimney Sweeper”
” The Divine Image”, ” A Divine Image
“”, ” The Human Abstract”
Holy Thursday
Nurse’s Song
Infant Joy, Infant Sorrow

The Clod &the Pebble
The Sick Rose
My Pretty Rose Tree
The Garden of Love
A Poison Tree
The Little Black Boy

William Wordsworth* Supporter of French revolution
* really close to sister Dorothy- spiritual counter part- journals word for word of his poems
* Structure: 1. Sensory Experience 2. Sponatneous overflow of powerful feelings 3. emotion recollected in tranquility
his Preface to Lyrical Ballads
” My Heart Leaps up”
-shows love of spring. want to dead if can have rainbows. extreme. natural piety. important to romantics… nature as religious experience
” Tintern Abbey”
– is there with Dorothy. recollection his 1st trip there. expansion on my heart leaps up. memories of nature are healing, to keep when he must return to city. see nature and understand better. As a boy, as a man, as he grows old. Wants her to find pleasure in nature. and store up the memory.
” We Are Seven,”

” Lines Written in Early Spring,”
-bitter sweet. nature vs. humanity. humanity has let him down. hearing experience – birds song. comforted that nature itself is perfect
” Expostulation and Reply,”
” The Tables Turned,”
-warns against literate – experience it instead. ironic because he is a writer. opposed to sensibility
” She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways,”

” I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud,”
-dorothys journal said almost the same thing. rememberance and recollection. happy poem.

” The Solitary Reaper,”
– woman in a field. singing to herself
” Composed Upon Westminster Bridge,”
” It Is A Beauteous Evening,”
” London, 1802,”

Samuel ColeridgeThe Eolian Harp,”
” This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison,”
” Kubla Khan,”
” Christabel,”
” Frost at Midnight,”
Biographia Literaria,
” The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Mary Wollstonecraft- married William Godwin
– mother of Mary Shelly
-1st english feminist writer
– ” A Vindication of the Rights of Women” Lord Byron* handsom, vain, self- conscious of his club foot( blamed his mother for it
* ultimate super hero
* impecable mechanics
* left England so did not benefit from his popularity there
” She Walks in Beauty”
Childe Harold Pilgrimage (it)
Don Juan18th Century vs RomanticRomantic
– poets = egocentricSatireblends a censorious attitude with humor and wit for improving human situations or humanities- not tearing dow but to inspire remodelingIronyrecognition of a reality different from appearance: words in which the actual intent is expressed in words that carry the opposite meaning

Swifts ” Modest Proposal” -sustained ironic writing

Didactic writingis literature designed to teach a lesson

Pope’s ” Essay on Criticism”

Reasondictated a literature wich was atirical, moral correct and affected strongly by politicsWitimplies judgement or reason, the use of the rational mind- primarily intellectualNaturethe order and reason of the universe
a reflection of order in the mind of God
– reverence for rules based on proven models- based on order and reason
-refers to the enduring general truths that will be true for everyone, everywhere always
– to study nature was to study the ancient writersNeoclassicalfinds models in classical literature- based on order reason, designed and rules and appeal to the intelectEnlightenmentcelebrated reason, scientific method, rationality and the intellectDeisman ” absentee” God who set the world in motion and then took no further interest – based on reason and the intellect and not revelation or the miraculousChain of BeingGod, the angels, man, animalsGullivers Travels*Travelers tale
– Part 4 : Gulliver is shipwrecked again. Houyhnhmn (talking horse people). They think he is a yahoo. Explain how yahoos run the country where he comes from. Houyhnhmn don’t like how horses are treated. Doesn’t want to return. Since he is seen as a yahoo he can’t live in the house of a Houyhnhmn so he has to leave. Rape of the Lock*compare small things with the great
*Belinda. purity guarded by Sylphs. Ariel, lead guardian. vanity table = table of worship. Barron wants her lock. Cutting the lock = rape. Card game combat. 3 attempts to cut. cuts sylph protector in half. party goes to battle for the lock. mourn the loss.
* mock epic

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