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2 emic insights

TWO EMIC INSIGHTS By A person’s inside perspective is an emic perspective. It is a situation, which follows the tradition of psychological studies. The people are in a position where they understand some culture in a native’s point of view (Hansson, 2013, p. 30). The same views apply to various business cultures.
There are emic insights that are often associated with business culture. Measuring culture is very important before conducting business. It will assist in enhancing business relation. Understanding emic culture will help businesspersons working together understand each other’s cultures. Most businesspersons apply individualism in their undertakings. Emic supports individualism. The business community will always tend for only themselves. Example is the US businesses that operate in Russia. They perceive their ways of business as the perfect one because they have adopted individualism. Many Russian business managers use the tool of individualism. They have applied emic culture. There are shortcomings associated with this. For instance, individualism could cause conflicts if managers apply high-individualism in low class company
Emic culture has influenced the business behavior. It happens when there is a distribution of powerful businesspersons in the society. Emic culture supports this view. The most powerful businesspersons take over the markets, suppressing the weak ones. The disadvantage of this is effects of unequal distribution of power. Emic culture supports the view that inequality is common in the life of a person. The inequality of business has seen negative behaviors emerging in the business environment. The most common thing is the existence of intermediaries.
Most businesses are prone to uncertainty. Emic culture has a place of uncertainty. It states that these uncertainties are obvious to occur. The business community should prepare in time for any uncertainty. Example in Russia, managers from low cultures would not build bureaucratic structures, which makes it hard to react to unfolding events (Hansson, 2013). The same applies to managers of high class cultures. They too have worries when it comes to uncertainty.
The nature of most businesses is ethnographic. The banking system in Russia uses emic perspective in the way they conduct their affairs. It helps the bankers have a full content analysis and determine the scope of the money supply. Emic perspective drives the financial experts into indigenous thinking, and they end up giving correct business decisions (Hansson, 2013, p. 16).
Emic deals more with generalization of cultural perspectives. It deals with intrinsic values. The researchers go directly to the specific behaviors of business cultures. In individualism approach, emic emphasizes on the importance of self-interest. It does not favour the idea of collective cultures (Hofstede, 2014, p. 78).
Epic approach faces much oppositions when it comes to gender sensitive matters. It gives an advantage to the men when it comes to stress reduction, levels of competition, and the wealth they own (Morris, 2013, p. 99). The same applies to businesses.
There are times of uncertainty avoidance. Emic approach supports cultures that support uncertainty avoidance. It defines the level at which the affected person should get help and advocates for their tolerance in the community.
There are paradoxes of emic approach. Researchers of emic approach are not aware culture is ever changing. Cultures are not constant and every day, trends occur. People cannot use a research about use of the telegraph as means of communication in the times of technological advancements. Emic deals with generalization. Thus, it can lead to stereotyping risk. There are many people with multiple differences. Cultures are not the same. Generalization will bring negative results (Hansson, 2013, p. 15).
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