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A study of the rise of talent management flashcard

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1. 0 Introduction

1. 1 Background

The assignment is an effort to explicate why the issue of Talent Management has become so outstanding now despite the fact that it has been around for a long clip its definition, uses, and why companies use it. The statement that it is a concern scheme will be looked at and the issue of whether companies use it. Its application and the difficult issues that it is meant to turn to given the fact that it deals with human resources as opposed to other resources that companies harness to accomplish its mission and ends in the short, medium and long term.

1. 2. Endowment Management ( TM )

1. 2. 1 Definition of Talent Management

Endowment can be referred to as a individual ‘ s “ natural gift ” or skill. In the context of HR we can take it to intend or mention to as a individual ‘ s values, vision and doctrine, cognition and competences.

Management may be described as the Acts of the Apostless of acquiring people together to carry through desired ends and aims expeditiously and efficaciously. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, taking or directing, and commanding an administration for the intent of carry throughing it ‘ s ends.

With the above definition one may presume that the direction of Talent is the usage of direction tools to do the best usage of the accomplishments, cognition and competences of staff of an administration to implement the schemes, missions and ends of an administration. Endowment Managements are found in both the private and public sectors. In some administrations they are a little portion of the HR scheme, while in others it is a Business Scheme[ 1 ]. The precise significance of TM is hard and as Robert E. Lewis and Robert J. Heckman ( Human Resource Management Review16 ( 2009 ) pp139 ) has indicated that the footings Talent Strategy, Succession Management and Human Resource Planning are frequently used interchangeable with TM. In the Mckinsey Survey and the subsequent book “ War on Talent ” Ed Michael et Al[ 2 ]indicated that TM is about leading and directors at all degrees of the administration should encompass TM and do it their head set.

The undermentioned definition of Talent Management is resourced from the Human Resources Management Review 19 ( 2009 ) pp304.

The activities and procedure that involve the systematic designation of cardinal places which otherwise contribute to the administration ‘ s sustainable competitory advantage, the development of a talent pool of high potency and high preforming officeholders to make full these functions, and the development of differentiated human architecture to ease make fulling these places with competent officeholders and to guarantee committedness to the administration[ 3 ].

1. 2. 2 The Procedures of TM

Talent Management procedure and activities involves the followers: resourced signifier Bob Little.

Talent direction includes enlisting, initiation, goal- scene, public presentation direction, appraisal, compensation direction, acquisition, calling planning and sequence planning processes. Its title-holders claim that these procedures give administrations valuable measurings, public presentation incentives and penetrations into work force accomplishments, competences and emerging leaders.[ 4 ]

The procedure of planning and pull offing the acquisition, pulling, testing and choosing qualified people for a occupation is in the horizon of the HR leader and the full direction squad. In TM the administration needs to enroll the staff with the right quality as using the “ incorrect individual ” for a occupation is expensive. Initiations is carried out to set the recruited staff through the plants of the administration


The demand for companies to tackle the human resources and utilize it to accomplish its scheme and remain competitory in the extremely competitory universe / environment has led to the recent importance of Talent Management. In other words the altering concern schemes, the abrasion rate of extremely educated work force and the cost associated hazards of enrolling the “ incorrect ” individuals for occupations has led companies to follow and make Talent Management “ Reservoirs ” to construct, develop and keep a pool that they can pull cardinal staff for cardinal places in their administrations. It is a uninterrupted procedure that needs to be continuously audited, reassessed and see whether it can turn to the schemes adopted by the concern in the short, medium and long footings. It besides needs to be the “ head set ” ( as pointed out by Ed Michaels et Al ) of all directors and non the HR Manager and his section. However, its acceptance and application is far hard than awaited and this is one of the grounds why concern / companies finds it hard to follow it. Businesses that adopts and use it decently has come to gain that it does give them competitory advantages in the industries where they operate.

Recent alterations in engineering and the consciousness by companies that holding extremely talented employees will enable them ; like other resources of the concern ; a competitory advantage has led to the prominence of Talent Management. With the consciousness of the demand to hold talented work force has led to administrations seeking extremely skilled work force and the alterations in demographic, societal and concern tendencies have led to occupation deficits, accomplishments spreads and a rapid gait of alteration, eg alterations in IT industry. All of these tendencies – together with some worker deficits in specific industries and occupations, make it impossible for enlisting entirely to procure the endowment necessary for an administration to remain competitory in today s concern environment. Talent Management focused on make fulling unfastened places with extremely qualified staff that will non merely present in their ain countries but be able to implement the concern schemes ( mission, vision and values ) of their companies. With rapid alterations in engineering, administrations may be realised that in order to vie they need the latest engineering to maintain abreast and non to be left out ; but lacks the human resources with needed accomplishments to manage the new engineering.


HR function among others involved in the enlisting, development, motive etc. with other line directors and the top direction of the human resources need for administrations. The demand to hold the right people at the right topographic point and at the right clip has led to the lift of the HR to the concern degree scheme. Business degree scheme is concerned about how to vie successfully in peculiar markets and in making so the demand for the finding of the right staff with the right quality arose. The function of HR in an administration is what made the HR director to play a concern degree scheme. HR ‘ s function has moved to the concern scheme degree due to the followers:

3. 1 Importance of the Human Resource

As the consciousness that human existences are the most valuable assets of any administration, the function of HR becomes more of import. As the section that is responsible for the enlisting, developing, actuating and keeping of the most valuable plus, HR directors become of import at the scheme degree to swerve the needed staff that will enable the administration to stay focussed in the competitory concern environment.

3. 2 High cost of enlisting and preparation

The enlisting cost is high and if an administration recruited the “ incorrect campaigner ” for the occupation so that administration is likely to lose due to the deficiency of the right competence to transport out the peculiar function by the recruit.

To summarize the demand of HR Manager to take portion at the Business scheme Ed Michaels and his co-workers at Mckinsey has this to state on their book – War on Endowment: Attracting, developing and retaining gifted people is the material of competitory advantage – more so than funding schemes, revenue enhancement tactics, budgeting or even some acquisitions. Hence the HR leader has much more strategic function to play in the old ages in front, arguably one equal to that of the CFO.[ 5 ]

Over the old ages, the function of HR Director / Manager has become that of an designer for the development of a scheme to make and keep the pool of Talent for the administration. They should be the advisor to all leaders on their options and best picks for all occupation gaps be they are new or incumbent places. Planning of the hereafter demands and a proper sequence planning will enable the filling of the occupation gaps. With a proper TM in topographic point the filling should non be an issue and this will besides actuate staff particularly the ace keepers.


4. 1 The Procedure

Bing a procedure that if implemented decently and developed can give an administration a competitory advantage we now look at how it should be developed. Constructing a good Endowment Management should non be under the horizon of the HR Department merely but should affect the full administration. The direction should set about an audit of the concern, make an analysis of where it is now and look at how it intends to place itself in the hereafter.

4. 2 Analysis of the Business Environment and the Business capablenesss

After specifying its scheme direction should take a proper analysis or audit of SWOT i. e its strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats it faces in the concern environment ; and measure how Talent Management can be utilised to turn to these issues in order for them to better their concern scheme. The audit will enable the administration to raise strategic inquiries like: why the company exist ; it believes and civilization ; its vision in footings of where it wants to be in the hereafter and it capabilities that it require to accomplish those schemes. The analysis will enable direction to measure whether they have the right endowment that can assist them remain competitory by taking the SWOT into consideration. Implementing the administrations ‘ schemes does necessitate the “ right staff ” and the inquiries to inquire may be for illustration: Do we hold the “ right staff ” / salesmen to spread out our market state broad or non?

4. 3 Competence of the staff

This is the first measure that direction should see after analysis of SWOT. It should find the competences that the staff required in order to implement the schemes of the company. Competence is described by Boyatzis ( Lecture Notes: Session 6 ) as “ a capacity that exists in a individual that leads to behaviour that meets the occupation demands within the parametric quantity of the organizational environment and that, brings approximately coveted consequences. ” It falls under Performance Management as the administration needs to measure the competences of its staff and topographic point them in the functions that they are most competent at. A inquiry that may be asked is what happens if the house discovers that it does non hold the staff with the competence that will enable it to accomplish it missions and ends. The reply to this inquiry lies in the enlisting and or development of staff.

4. 4 Differentiate your staff

After the analysis above, Management needs to “ Differentiate ” their staff “ Differentiating ” helps in the finding of the right arrangement, preparation and functions that staff should be placed in the company. The edifice of Talent Management involves sectioning the employees or distinguishing staff into the undermentioned classs:

Super Keepers


Solid Citizens and


Some observers categorised them into A, B, and C participants. The 4th group are non counted as they are expected to go forth voluntarily or the administration finds a manner to allow them go forth as usually they are either non capable of the undertakings / occupation or they can non suit into the administration civilization.

I now turn to analyzing how the administrations should cover with the three classs by pulling on the suggestions of some of the authors on Talent Management. Harmonizing the study conducted by Mckinsy staff and their book “ War for Talent ” ,[ 6 ]the A participants should be retain, develop and acquire the most out of them while the B participants should be acted on resolutely or else some of them may fall to the C participants. As for the C participants, they need to be helped to raise their public presentation or you remove them from critical countries in the company as they may retard advancement and may hold an inauspicious impact on the B or A participants.

4. 5 Design the Development of your staff

Learning and public presentation betterment should be an built-in portion of talent direction. Employee preparation has a long history of guaranting an administration has a skilled, motivated, and competent work force. From orientation plans and proficient preparation categories experienced early in one ‘ s calling, to leading development and executive coaching, preparation and development is profoundly woven into the cloth of talent direction patterns.[ 7 ]Training and development of staff should do it easy for direction to replace staff when the demand arises.

Changes in engineering were one of the grounds that gave rise to TM. Changes in engineering will doubtless give rise to a alteration in the endowment that will be required to pull off that engineering. Recent alterations in Information Technology have cause the demand for a high demand of IT skilled staff taking to a high turnover in that industry. Therefore there should ever be the demand to develop staff by upgrading their accomplishments. In recent old ages at that place has been a rise in Continuous Professional Development ( CPD ) . This helps staff to upgrade themselves and maintain abreast with latest developments in their professions.


5. 1 Definition of Business Strategy

Business scheme is the 2nd degree of scheme concerned with how the administration should vie successfully in peculiar markets, how and when. What this means is that after the overall scheme has been defined at the top as to the future way of the administration, it is the concern degree of scheme which should find how when where and the resources that are required to implement the schemes.

From analysis, direction should travel on the specifying the competences that the administration demands and categoriesd them into nucleus, leading and occupation specific. The nucleus competencies will look at the qualities and behaviors of all employees. This will find whether they ( the staff ) tantrum into the company civilization. Leadershp competencies covers the qualities and behavior of directors and executives while occupation particulars will look at the staff accomplishments, cognition and behavior. These analysis should uncover the demands of the company now and the hereafter and with this direction can dedcide to get down on buliding a endowment reservoir for the hereafter. It is from these reservoirs that the right endowment will be drawn from to make full the vacant places.

5. 2 Why Business Scheme

HR is the section that is responsible for the coordination of the human resources demands of the administration. At Strategic HRM planning, HR is involved in design and execution of systems based on employment policy and the manpower strategic program. It should fit the HRM policies and utilize the human resources to accomplish the competitory advantage that the administration needs against its rivals. Here it will be helpful to give a brief definition of completive advantage.

An administration is said to hold a competitory advantage over its challengers if it is able to offer its clients what they need more efficaciously and better than its rivals.

Harmonizing to L. A. Berger and Associates Ltd. , the HR Manager will ever go on to play the undermentioned three chief schemes:

Identifying, choosing and cultivating Super keepers ;

Finding, developing and positioning extremely qualified backups for places critical to their administration ‘ s successful ;

Allocating resources for compensation, preparation and development to employees based on their existent and or possible part to administration success.

Harmonizing Ed Michael et Al, with the current tendency on TM, HR Managers will go on to execute the undermentioned functions in their administration. These functions are non new but with the current tendency pull offing endowment will necessitate these maps to affect all directors across the administration and bearing in head the Business Strategy.

Some of the functions that HR leaders should presume:

Help hammer the nexus between concern scheme and endowment

Serve as the thought leader in understanding what it takes to pull great endowment HR office should assist direction squad clarify and beef up the company ‘ s attraction to talent – and should supervise how satisfied directors are through studies and informal treatments.

Facilitate the endowment reappraisal and action programs.

Become the designer of the development scheme for top 50 to 100 directors. Should be the advisor to all leaders on their options and best picks for all occupation gaps.

6. 0 Summary

As Ed Michael has said, as the HR Manager is responsible to pull, develop and retain gifted people with the support of direction to accomplish competitory advantage ; their function has become much more strategic in nature and they have a function to play in the old ages in front, arguably merely as that of the Chief Financial Officer ( CFO ) . As the CFO is responsible to tackle the finance that will be utilised to get the assets, none current assets and other assets for an administration ; so does the HR Manager is responsible to pull the best endowment to enable the administration to derive competitory advantage. This is why Talent Management has become a “ Business Scheme ” .

With the rapid alteration in engineering and the involvement developed by researches in recent old ages ; the literature will go on to uncover the importance of this topic. As administrations change their schemes due to the alterations in the concern environment ; Talent Management will besides alter. What is nevertheless certain is that the battle to get the best endowment in the occupation market will go on.


Lecture notes: Session 3

Ed Michael et Al on “ War for Talent ”

Journal of Management and Development Vol. 271, 2008 pp5. 12

Human Resources Management Review 19 2009 pp304-313

TalentKeepers: Fredric D. Frank, Craig R. Taylor, Human Resource Planning pp33-41

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