About EduFrogs

EduFrogs is a devoted team of education experts, editors, and developers who aim to reach one goal. Our mission is to provide assistance to students having trouble with their academic assignments.  

The main challenge was to simplify the process without doing any of the work for our users or robbing them of the ability to learn and develop. That’s how we’ve come up with the idea to compile the largest possible database of essay samples. We’ve also known from the start that we want our system to be completely free for the users. We agree that charging our guests for the use of freely contributed works would be unjust. 

Our team consists of committed professionals motivated by a passion for seeing the dream of assisting students realized. We also consider anyone who has volunteered their time to be a part of our service. The EduFrogs database would not exist without them! 


We aim to help students with their studies and reduce their stress.

Our samples can serve as a link between a reluctant start and successful completion of an assignment.

Students often get the tasks they are unable to complete properly. This usually happens due to the lack of expertise, experience, or information. Consequently, the writing process becomes more challenging, students become discouraged, while excessive tension and low grades become commonplace.

This is where EduFrogs comes in. In addition to our sample database, we also include free online resources such as our Topic Generator to help you work on your assignments more effectively.


Academic Honesty

Academic honesty and decency are essential to us. That is why we take a firm stand against fraud and other violations of any educational rules and policies. Please remember that all of the samples in our database are only available for research.

Trust & Support

We do value your loyalty and integrity as well. You are welcome to use our services to enhance your academic performance if you have these essential qualities. We will do everything possible to ensure your academic success.

Our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy provide more information about our core values and the methods of operation.


The sample database at EduFrogs is a full-featured system built to be as user-friendly as possible.

Clever Sample Categories

The works on the website are organized into many groups. You can search for samples by subject, topic, work type, page count, and word count. Of course, you can use keywords to check for works similar to the paper you’ve found.

Writing Tools

In terms of the samples themselves, each features an integrated citation tool. You can easily use them in your essay and properly cite them in the style chosen. On our website, you can also download samples in various formats or add them to your personal collection.

Your Personal Library

Any sample you find on our website can be saved to your personal collection for future viewing. It's ideal for conducting in-depth research on a subject or gathering as much relevant data as possible. Once you've added the sample to your library, you'll be able to see the date it was added as well as the subject it belongs to.