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Addictions essay

This is a really big topic and after researching, I decided to just focus on one subject. The topic I choose was smoking, which also includes snuff or chewing tobacco. One of the most popular web sites and the easiest place to get information was through AADAC {Alberta Alcohol, Drug, and Addictions Canada. Their web site had a large selection and lots of links as well. They also had a youth section, which is where I mostly obtained my information.

I have also enclosed a floppy with a smoker’s handbook, which can be printed as well. Because of space and paper I enclosed a floppy. As a Christian, I think that smoking is not something I should do. However it effects a lot of friends that I know, both Christian and non-Christian. [1]The smoking industry is over 150 years old. Today there are 3 dominate companies still around.

Imperial Tobacco Canada. Rothmans, Benson ; Hedges Inc. JTI Macdonald Corp Together they form CTHC Canadian Tobacco Manufactures Council the industries main lobby assoc. The CTHC was funded in 1963.

[2]Facts: 23% of Alberta youth age 15+ smokes. 18% are daily smokers, 5% are occasional. 24% are females The highest % of non-smokers is 15-19, 76% Current age is 20-24 at 30% Daily smokers average 16 cigarettes per day Those with lower education are most likely to smoke 1. 4 % in Alberta use spit tobacco Smoking is an addiction.

Smoking causes withdrawal symptoms the same as drugs. Smoking has its own specific behavior and effects. Why does my generation smoke?

It’s a cool thing to do To belong to a crowd Rebellion towards parents or others Because my parents smoke Because my brother or sister smokes I like the taste or smell {my mom smoked because she liked the taste and smell especially cigars} Stress Status in the work force {all-upper management are smokers and they go on a smoke break together. Its better then drugs excuse No one in my “ family” died of lung cancer” Tobacco is the most frequently used legal drug. Tobacco can be use and ingested by cigarettes, cigars, pipes or chewing tobacco.

Tobacco is the most easily to obtain as a youth, but also can be the hardest to overcome. Inhaled cigarettes contain over 4000, chemicals, which can and do produce cancer. Tars, carbon monoxide and nicotine are found in cigarettes.

My grandfather died of lung cancer when my mom was 12 and my mom’s sister died of lung cancer last year both were heavy smokers for many years.

Short-term effects are: High blood pressure Brain stimulation and nervous system Lower physical endurance Decreased appetite[3] Long-term effects are: Stroke Heart disease Bronchitis Emphysema Cancer over several areas including lung, mouth bladder kidney and pancreas Second hand smoke: 19% of children and 27% of young people live with someone who smokes or were exposed to second hand smoke. There are only 2 places in Slave Lake to eat Subway {been smoke free since they opened in 1994) as well now A; W. Children are at risk because their lungs are still developing. There are several diseases related to 2-nd hand smoke such as lung problems.

Babies who are expose to smoke before birth have an increase in sudden death syndrome {SIDS} Smoke also makes your hair and cloths stink. Smoking: Leaves your skin wrinkled Causes stress on your immune system Causes Cancer Causes heart disease, stroke, and diseases of the blood vessels [4] Spit Tobacco: 8% of youth grade 7-12 chew or use snuff. At least once a month 15% of males in grade 7-12 use it at least once Some as young as 10 years old use spit tobacco There are over 300 chemicals in spit tobacco Spit tobacco can cause oral cancer Spit tobacco can cause cancerous soars Spit tobacco can cause cardio diseases To me spit tobacco is just as dangerous as regular tobacco. Youth think they are safer using spit tobacco.

Tobacco of any kind is a very dangerous product and should not be allowed in Canada.

Tobacco products should be made illegal and there should be stiff penalties. Smoking affects everyone both directly and indirectly. Children are unable to protect them selves from smoke. There are stronger laws for people who abuse dogs, then for those who harm others with smoke, or the addiction. I have a right to leave in a clean safe place, especially when it is preventable.

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