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Advertising and heineken assignment

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In IIS & Hong Kong market Heinlein was seen as special occasion beer rather than daily consumption beer where as in Latin America Heinlein was just viewed as European imported beer. And in all market Heinlein was viewed as a lighter beer of superior quality presented in attractive packaging. Whininess’s project Comet & Moss tries to construct Whininess’s global brand identity. Project Comet concluded that brand good taste is built by five core brand values: taste, premiums, tradition, winning sprit, friendship. Whereas project Moss concluded that premium beer associates with taste and friendship. Consumer has strong thrust on Heinlein beer and can count Heinlein as a friend. Global branding strategy is necessary to perceive strong Heinlein value in all market through project Comet & Moss.

Heinlein needs to make balance between global mixing and national market coverage (case says that there is decrease in sales figures in Netherlands, Rest of Europe and in Africa). Q. 3) How can the Heinlein brand be developed through marketing communication? Mans. Case says that per capita beer consumption in each country is different accordingly Whininess’s marketing communication strategy should vary from country to country. In embryonic market (in Eastern Europe & Africa) Heinlein should put all their advertising efforts to capture this market. Local brand awareness should be created in this market by conducting advertise campaign in local language. In growing market (in Italy Spain Japan) Heinlein should focus on both the aspects, advertisement efforts and price competition & margin.

In mature market Heinlein should focus on Product segmentation by introducing low alcohol beers, flavored beers, dry beers etc. Heinlein should pursue sponsorship strategy for the sports events to build brand equity and brand position in the market. Q. 4) What should be the role of Whininess’s headquarters in shaping the marketing of the brand worldwide? Mans. Whininess’s headquarters should have strong control over advertising policy, guidelines & operations in all markets. Along with global promotion campaign across the globe the headquarters should also focus on local advertising and provide ways to reach at each and every level of local market.

Headquarter should have full control over local marketing offices and should critically review the progress of these local offices. Q. 5) How can Heinlein move beyond being the premium beer for special moments to more of a mainstream positioning that will build volume? Mans. Heinlein should focus on their brand name to market the company as a whole rather than focusing on the beer. Also Heinlein should start its stores in all cities that would provide a multidimensional media vehicle that Leary poss.?? actions the Heinlein all type of beer and offers good services to its target customer segments. Store should be designed to attract every type of Heinlein drinker. To touch the other than premium segment effectively Heinlein should participate or conduct social activities.

Heinlein should use social networking to position their brand at each and every segments of market. Q. 6) How Can a brand be clearly differentiated yet not overly restrictive in its appeal? Mans. Brand can be differentiated by putting smart marketing efforts for creation of brand appreciation from all market segments and improve consumer’s emotional attachment towards it. Heinlein should carry out advertising campaign which results to build emotional relation with brand (e. G. In India advertisement should be like “ Dost Bole to Heinlein”, Schwa Dost Heinlein”, My Best Friend Heinlein” like “ Than mutual Coca-Cola”). This will lead to build a strong brand loyalty.

Q 7) How can Heinlein be still premium but become warmer, more approachable and less snobbish? Mans. Heinlein should rethink over its packaging and branding for maintaining local appeal. After that the same hall be used to inspire global confidence by keeping the consistent branding & packaging for long period. Beer lovers across the globe from all segments will remember Whininess’s brand with its packaging and will believes that the brand for all rather than carrying the impression of premium beer. Q. 8) How can Whininess’s marketers around the world be creative and break the rules, given the existence of detailed copy execution guidelines? Mans.

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