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Aims and objectives of development centre

Aims and Objectives of a development Center A development center provides a technique to identify, design and improve the competences of the workforce. It helps in the identification and definition of future workforce development actions. A development center provides procedures for a day or set of days where the participants are enmeshed in the assessment of their professional development. There is a lot of difference in an assessment center and a development center. In an assessment center, the claimants are passed or stumbled depending on the ambience. The participants are dynamically involved in their own assessment. They assess and ascribe the feedback of their comrade participant. They are assessed and the results are discussed with them which could mean a lot in their future. All the participants are fermented to own the development center as the development requirement of their profession (Psychometric Success 2012). A development center must specifically concentrate towards all the issues related to the profession for which the development center is being conducted. It is more inclined towards addressing and identifying the issues related to employee involvement and participation issues that they are confronting in their professional lives. The All process is based on brainstorming, skills erudition and experience sharing. It takes all the stakeholders, which are related to the issues, under consideration. It is a collective process but the knowledge of the process is improved by the integrity, skills, knowledge and experience and the equality of power of each participating individual. It seeks the participants to be enable to improve, develop and alter as per the requirements of their work tasks and continuously evolving environments, but not oppressing and depredating the environment (Greenwich University).   Development centers are all about enhancing workforce skills, knowledge, participation and efficiency either individually or in a group form. Each one of them is compelled to take part in the discussions and sessions of the development center and a team work precinct is forced between them. This is all a democratic process where everyone is free to ask and perform and no one is ignored or humiliated. Their strengths and weaknesses are assessed to form a process to improve their skills and remove their shortcomings (Assessment Systems). Development centers must identify an design structural bounds that enhance active participation of the individuals particularly those participants who are shy and afraid of speaking in open. The development center must address the aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses of the participants on the topic for which development center is conducted. Everyone has his potential. The only problem is that some know their magnitude and some do not so each one of them should be assessed and should be provided with the feedback of his or her potential to perform and act. It should motivate him to do his job in a more responsible way after he has known his weakness. (The Scala Group 2006). All the content of the development center should be made available to the participant about 2-3 weeks before the development center so that the participant could make decision either to participate or no. All the candidates should be offered with the feedback based on their performance in the development center so that they can assess themselves the area where they are lacking. Its ideal if the feedback is delivered face to face so that participant may ask any question arising in his mind related to his growth or any area of weakness. For this purpose the involvement of the line manager is of great value. All the outcomes of the development centers are strictly monitored. All he contents should be well covered and must be examined first on the basic design to check if all the content is covered. All the development centers are conducted on the notion that they will provide accurate information and results and there will be no abrogating in the results. There would be no discrimination on any ground except that of competency and performance. The performance score associated with any ethnic group or sex would further be investigated for the truthfulness of the result. There must always be the four role players. Observers should contemplate and deduce each participant. Facilitators must understand the level and standard of the development center. He is the administrator of the center. Role players are all those persons who are interacting with the participants. In the end is the designers who design the center, creating a working plan and the contents are also specified by them. A designer has most important role as they are the persons who could identify the core competencies to be covered. They could use tools like Questionnaires, Focus groups, Interviews etc (Psychological Testing Centre). References Assessment Systems (n.d.). Development Center | Assessment Systems. Assessment Systems. Retrieved March 24, 2013, from http://www.asystems.as/en/development-center Greenwich University (n.d.). Greenwich University. Greenwich University. Retrieved March 24, 2013, from http://www.greenwich.pk/Default.aspx?v=10605000 Psychological Testing Centre (n.d.). Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Assessment and Development Centres: Best Practice Guidelines. Psychometric training and test publishing – Psytech International. 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