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American civil war

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Civil War Why the south lost and the north won: The south was defeated by troops from the north, there are many reasons why they were defeated and they include disorganization of its army, lack of communication and lack of arms. The northern forces are fully supported by the government and therefore they were well equipped with arms, this made the northern troops have an advantage over the southern troops.
The southern troops were not well organized and their army lacked discipline which led to defeat, the northern troops were well trained and therefore overpowered the southern troops, the northern troops were also confident in winning and this is because they had been into war before and therefore they were more experienced than the southern troop.
Another reason why the south lost is that the troops faced major problems in battle. These problems were as a result of lack of a good communication channel, communication barriers led to a lack of information and in the case where a group attacked it were difficult to get help and enforcement from the other troops. The southern troops also lacked unity and many were not confident in winning the battle and this eventually gave the north an opportunity to win the battle.
Therefore the south lost due to lack of unity, lack of communication channels, poor organization and lack of experience in battle. In my own view there is no way that the south would have won with all the disadvantages they had compared to the north, they took these opportunity and won the battle.
The north won the battle due to the fact that they had more soldiers compared to the south, also the soldiers were experienced, well trained and well armed then the south, transport and communication networks were better than those of the south region and this made it easier for transportation of arms and reinforcing battle fronts. The army had also an advantage in that they were well funded and it was easier to acquire arms, the south on the other hand could not afford the arms and therefore they could not properly defend themselves.
The other reason why the south lost is the lack of a leader, they lacked a powerful leader who would strategize on the war against the north, if they had a good leader who would control all the troops then it would have won the war. The other reason why they lost is lack of strategies of war, the northern troops had strategies that were decided by leaders and implemented, the south lacked these strategies and the leader who would lead them to battle and this is why they lost.
From the above discussion therefore it would have been very difficult for the south to win, the many disadvantages that the south faced would not have resulted into victory, however if they had a good leader, and then organize themselves and have good strategies of war then it would have been possible for them to win the war as they had earlier done against the British.

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