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American nurses association

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The American Nurses Association is a professional service organization that represents the entire registered American nurses’ population. It aims to promotehealthcare services to everyhuman being. It believes that health care is a right of every citizen and a restructured development and implementation of health policies is needed. Furthermore it is dedicated in producing highly skilled nurses in the field of medicine. At the local and state level, the roles and functions of ANA are to persuade every individual to go intonursingby promoting an advance nursing profession by setting up high standard nursing practices.

In return, a competitive workplace is attained producing a realistic perspective of things that transpire as a nurse. Registered nurses are also helped by the association by conducting continuous research base projects for nursing. The field is continually being expanded. It also pushes for better compensation for nurses. It calls for a better working condition for nurses and implements strategic techniques in which nurses can deliver their services more efficiently and effectively locally.

Thus, the local and the state benefit largely from these practices, where in services will not be delayed and are delivered cost-effectively. Nationally, ANA is in the forefront on the call for a massive restructuration of the health care programs. They believed that the health care is in crisis, and the cost of care continues grow while its quality suffers and the problem should be addressed to the policy makers, health professionals and the public.

Through its political and legislative programs, ANA has taken solid positions. It expresses its desire for a restructure program by delivering primary health care services in community based settings. On its agenda also is an expanded participation of nurses in delivering those services and obtaining federal fund for practice, training and future ventures in the field of nursing. The association also discusses the importance of safer needle devices to people.

It aims to protect the rights of patients and provide them access to a better health care system. It aims to offer public and private plan of standard package of essential health care services to every citizens. The American Nurses Association exists not primarily to protect the welfare of the registered nurses. It is an organization that commits itsloyaltyon things that would help the public benefit. The health of the people and an efficient way of delivering services at low cost is the association primary concerns.

The organization’s unwavering efforts are major boost that contribute to health care reforms on both state and national level. References (Levit, 2001) (Aiken L. H. , 2000) Aiken L. H. , C. S. P. , & Sloanne D. M. . (2000). Hospital Restructuring: Does it Adversely Affect Care and Outcomes? Journal of Nursing Administration, 457-465. Levit, K. , Smith C, . Cowan C. , Lazenby H. , Sensenig A. , Catlin A. ,. (2001). Trends in US Health Care Spending. Health Affairs, 154-164.

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