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An analysis of the laid off man essay

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Dev is the central character of laid off man by Javaid qazi. All of the character revolve around him. dev was a software engineer and had been the top student of computer engineering department at Berkeley and also back at the Indian institution. He belong to Rameshwarm, the little south Indian village. dev belongs to a rich and prosperous Brahmin family. His family has been in coffee and silk business for generations. Dev lived in America with his wife rushmi. He married her when selected by their parents in a custom and tradition bound society.

Their arranged marriage worked well. Though dev lived in America as an immigrant yet he has established relationship with meena, his niece. meena who studying in an Irish school near rameshwarm. He wrote a letter to meena Just for fun. The purpose of writing a letter to meena is to remember his own lost childhood. During writing this letter he discovers his talent of painting. This proves to be a turning point in his life. Tec ware solution was company where dev was serving as a software engineer, he was doing job in techware for over five years.

The company was on decline and management announced the massive lay off. He was working on a high priority project for nearly ighteen months. He felt secure for this reason. But suddenly he found himself among the massive laid off at the age of thirty five. Dev accepted it passively but bob Wilson he reacted strongly to it. According to bob Wilson several of the top people transformed themselves in Just a few years. The president and his chosen gang of four or five got rich. They have transferred the company profit to their accounts.

Tec ware Solution Company dwindled and declined slowly melted like a Popsicle on a hot side walk. Dev was a humble and optimistic person. He blamed himself for sudden reversal in his fortune. All that thinking was the result of his ethnic background and family influences moulded him to always consider his own deficiencies. He thought that he might have displeased his managers. He might haven’t come up to the expectation of norms laid down by the company. He even didn’t argue with his wife over the choice of new profession.

He amused his queries very humbly. dev accepted the laid off without any reaction and didn’t challenge the management decision unlike bob Wilson. Dev proved himself an embodiment of eastern culture and traditions. He was not impressed by the American way of life. His American friends couldn’t understand how he could he married a girl he’d never dated. His friends often teased him about marrying a complete stranger. But he’d Just smile and point out the failure of American love matches.

He tried to convince them that, “ arranged marriages work well for our people. It’s a matter of custom and traditions. ” Dev did his best to explain but his colleagues simply grinned and smirked. They had no interest in traditions of India. Dev started painting as a past time and it proved to be his solace for him but continued to search for Job. The nagging anxiety about finding Job, still lingered at the back of his mind but all the black anger and bitter business that had whipped him up to frenzy earlier in the day seemed to have ebbed away.

He couldn’t have remembered having spent a more enjoyable day. It had never occurred to him painting could be so relaxing and so much fun. It doesn’t feel like work that fatigued but like self replenishing source of pleasure and energy. The computer work painting proved to be pressure relief valve for him. He discovered energy within himself. Dev sold his first painting to his neighbor dr. samudio for a hundred dollar. His wife was greatly pleased . he encouraged him also. dev began to think seriously about trying to make living as an artist.

Rushmi supported him financially during lay off period. She worked in a grocery store. She encouraged him to find a new Job and never scolded him for being Jobless. At the same time she told him to cut out the extra expenses like they have to sale his new car. He always tried to look at the positive side of picture though he decided to adopt painting as profession. Even when he got to knew about bob Wilson got killed in order to sustain himself he drew a single rose on the white surface of color paper that would never wither never die.

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