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An argument for a smart board grant

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The support of this grant would pay for the purchase of a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard on a nomadic floor base for the Pace University School ofEducationDepartment. The SMART Board allows professors to include and incorporate multimedia elements into lessons, such as pictures and synergistic presentations, as a consequence devising lessons and lectures more exciting. Students will be able to hear, see and take part with the information they are larning for that peculiar class.

The SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard system comes with Notebook package. This package provides a assortment of tools to assist distinguish direction. By holding a SMART Board, professors and pupils are able to compose with a digital pen or with their finger, onto the SMART Board screen. Files from Notebook can be saved in different formats, printed, emailed or posted ; hence, giving pupils complete entree to class stuffs. Basically, anything that can be done on computing machines can be improved by holding a SMART Board available.

In the simple and secondary degrees, instructors are invariably seeking to make lessons and activities that meet the demands of all scholars. I think that at the high instruction degree, this mentality gets lost. The bulk of classs are lecture based with essays and written scrutinies. Because of this set up, I feel that college pupils loose their love of acquisition and attending and engagement in classs begin to drop. If a pupil was a ocular scholar in high school, he will still be a ocular scholar during college. The synergistic whiteboard caters to all different scholars because it incorporates images, sounds and stimulations. Students are able to see, hear and interact with what they are larning.

Pace University needs more engineering. Pace University has been looking for ways to increase their enrollment Numberss, every bit good as keeping rates. Installing and absorbing engineering onto their campuses could be merely one factor in carry throughing those undertakings. As a former Pace University pupil embassador and representative, I was invariably asked inquiries about the types of engineering that are in the schoolrooms and what pupils are being exposed to. By holding synergistic SMART Boards on campus, I think these inquiries would be eliminated because you can physically see them. Pace University besides has an full school dedicated to ComputerScienceand Information Systems. I feel that by holding engineering seen in the schoolroom, will besides nicely reflect the impact of that single school on campus.

The pupils at Pace University would profit from the purchase of an synergistic whiteboard in a assortment of ways. Students will look at go toing category as something exciting. Students will besides derive a better apprehension of the course of study and constructs being taught, due to the mixture of tools and resources that the SMART Board has that can be incorporated into lessons. Pace University, itself, would profit from holding SMART Boards in campus because pupils will be working on their communicating and engineering accomplishments for the twenty-first century, hence dividing themselves from alumnuss from other colleges and universities.

Pace University ‘s slogan is “ Work toward Greatness ” . I believethat by incorporating the usage of an synergistic whiteboard into different classs that Pace has to offer its pupils, professors will animate their pupils more. The Pace University School of Education ‘s slogan is “ Making brooding practicians who promote justness, create lovingness schoolrooms and school communities and enable all pupils to be successful scholars. ” I believe that the pupils within this school, specifically, will profit enormously from the synergistic whiteboard. They will be exposed to a new engineering that is widely being used in schools all throughout the United States. Students will be able to hold an unfastened head when it comes to engineering and integrating in simple and high schools. Not fiting these pupils with these accomplishments would be harmful to their well-being. Today ‘s universe is filled with different types of engineering, from cell phones to IPads. Students are invariably surrounded with engineering throughout their day-to-day lives, which merely makes sense to hold that same engineering go a portion of their instruction.

2. Aim

3. Activity

4. Measurement

To enrich and better Pace University ‘s plans and set of classs through synergistic engineering and engineering integrating.

To promote pupils to be independent critical minds and booming scholars at the collegiate degree.

To increase pupil motive, engagement, accomplishment and success.

To hold pupils program and behavior research, work out jobs and do informed determinations utilizing appropriate digital tools and resources.

To hold “ future instructors ” become educated on a company and engineerings that is on a regular basis being used in school territories soon.

To distinguish direction for all pupils.

To use the assigned class clip in the most effectual manner possible.

Assign web pursuits:

Students will be encouraged to utilize Pace University ‘s resources from the library, databases and dependable beginnings from the Internet.

Students will utilize the research and engineering available to them to assist them decode jobs and answer inquiries.

Synergistic lessons:

Students will actively prosecute within the lessons.

Students will acquire out of their seats to take part and foster their acquisition.


Teachers can implant videos cartridge holders that demonstrate the same constructs that are being taught in their class.

Teachers can enter notes from the class, salvage them and post/email them to pupils.

Virtual Field Trips:

Teachers can take their pupils on a trip during their assigned class allotted clip.


Students can show their undertakings utilizing the SMART Board in several ways: making a NoteBook file, digitally making it, entering their voices, etc.


Teachers can make games/activities that can assist the pupils review constructs for scrutinies.

Teachers can make scrutinies on the SMART Board.

Workshop Session:

Provide pupils with the chance to larn how to really utilize the SMART Board.

Students will be able to utilize the cognition gained in their field arrangements and future occupations.

Pre-course study:

Conducted on the first twenty-four hours, inquiring pupils about their involvement in the class, anticipations of their engagement throughout the class, class and terminal of class experience.

Post-course study:

Conducted on last twenty-four hours, inquiring pupils about their apprehension of the class stuff, if they were successful in the class, if they enjoyed the class, would they urge the class and impact of engineering used in the class.

Informal appraisals:

Teacherobservation, pupil diary entries/blogs on the subject of usage of the SMART Board.

Formal appraisals:

Lessons/lectures/activities can be video taped.


Student work samples will be saved to be included in a portfolio.





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