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The paper presents the historical contribution of African-Americans in the freedom for their region. The countless sacrifices of these black communities in the American military has made it possible to won many important battles in the past. They have contributed in Civil Wars and fought against tribal of India and other fights. They were called Buffalo Soldiers due to their valor and bravery in the wars to fight with their opponents. The black community plays a significant role in creating history of braveness and patriotism for their country. Present era has changed the pattern of military operations but we the unmatched, supreme efforts of these Buffalo Soldiers in history has made an example for present troopers in military operations. The past example of courage and power of these Buffalo Soldiers can play a tremendous role in boosting up the spirit of present army to duly scarify their lives for the respects and security of their country. The paper is all about the study of ” Significant impact of supreme courage and patriotism of Buffalo Soldiers in the history of America”.

About Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers were the African American soldiers of nineteenth century. The origin of these Buffalo soldiers was carved in Western United State. The regiment of black troops was selected by the government of United State. The regiment of African-American was formed in 1866, when Buffalo Soldiers were became the member of the 10th Cavalry Regiment of US state at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in September 21, 1866. When the Black people had fought with the natives of the regions, the natives gave the nick name to black cavalry as Buffalo Soldiers. This name become the symbol and became identical with the regiments of American-Africans in 1866. There are many theories behind the claim for this name of Buffalo Soldiers. According to some theories, the tribes had given the name of Buffalo to the soldiers due to their fierce fighting ability with tribes. Other said that the troops of native American-Africans were called Buffalo Soldiers due to their dark black curly hair that has much resemblance with the coat of buffalo. Some theories are the mixture of both of these theories. Numbers of wars were fought by the Buffalo Soldiers like the Apache Wars that were also called Indian Wars. In this war the soldiers has won 19 medals. The other wars fought by these soldiers wereBuffalo Soldiers fought in a number of wars including the Spanish-American War of 1898, in which five Medals of Honor were earned by the soldiers, war of Philippine-American War during the period from 1899 to 1902 and the Mexican Expedition from 1916 to 1917 (Kenner, 1999). Many military conflicts have been carved in the history of America. The African-American fought since colonial days in many military conflicts in past. The Buffalo soldiers were comprised of soldiers of Black Civil War, former slaves and free man who were served during peace time. On the Westward movement in past, the Buffalo Soldiers of U. S army had played a prominent role in fight for freedom. The African-Americans were alleged with the responsibility of cattle herd, leading pioneer and railroad crews. The campaigns of 9th regiment and 10th regiment were conducted on western frontier against American Indian tribes (Leckie & Leckie, 2012). These campaigns were extended through out from Montana, New Mexico and Arizona. This was the era of Indian War. Buffalo Soldiers have wide range of contributions in these wars. Approximately twenty percent of the total troopers of US in these Indian Wars were Black. They were fought more than 177 engagements. The battles with Indians depict their power, proficiency, capabilities and competencies in battlefields. It had inspired the opponent Indian tribes to call them the Buffalo Soldiers. The name ” Buffalo Soldiers” associate the valor, bravery and pride with these troops of army. As they fought against opponents to get their region free from competitors. They fought the battle for freedom. The response they got in return of their services cannot meet that level, at which they combat in battlefield. The prominent campaigns, in which the Buffalo Soldiers has taken part were, The Spanish American War, The Mexican Expedition, The Philippine Insurrection, World War I, and II, and Police Action of the Korean. The current era has brought significant change in military servicemen but the services of Buffalo Soldiers has unmatched courage and patriotism in it and the history has a significant impact with the contributions of Buffalo Soldiers. When the black has been added to the army to fight for America, since that time they had contributed with their notable services and sacrifices in military operations. African Army has many distinctions in the military engagements of the country. The most notable contribution among them was during Civil Wars. During Civil Wars, approximately 180, 000 blacks wore the Union Army blue. 30, 000 army staff of African-American had served in the Navy, and more than 200, 000 worked as labor in engineering, hospital and other projects of military. Large number of these soldiers had sacrificed their lives for the freedom of their country. About 33, 000 of Buffalo soldiers had lost their lives in these military operations (Leckie & Leckie, 2012). After the Civil Wars congress has formed the six important units synonymous for the African-Americans these are the 9th Cavalry Regiment and 10th Cavalry Regiment and the other four were 38th, 39th, 40th, and 41st Infantry Regiments. The last four Infantry Regiments were later merged in two Regiments called 24th Regiment and 25th infantry Regiment. In the return of their fire fights for the army in order to get free region, the troopers were given respect of Plain Worriers. These plain warriors were named as Buffalo Soldiers. During their Western Campaigns about 18 Medals were presented to these worriers for their countless contribution for their country (Schubert, 1997).

Historical Contribution in Wars

The buffalo soldiers were synonymous to the soldiers of four regiments including 9th and 10th Cavalry regiments and 24th and 25th Calvary regiments. The most important contribution of Buffalo Soldiers can be seen between the period of 1866 to 1890, when these regiments were served in South Western United States and in Great Plains regions in variety of positions. They had earned tremendous record in the military campaigns. In addition to the military operations in these Indian wars during this period, Buffalo Soldiers have also served on frontier for building the roads to escort the US mail. A lesser known but an important contribution of these Buffalo Soldiers of 9th Calvary is the participation in the land war of 1892 in Johnson County. It was the issue between the small farmers and wealthy ranchers (Downey, 1969). There was a lengthy shootout between parties, 6th Calvary was failed to keep the peace in this environment. Buffalo Soldiers of 9th Cavalry had responded this issue within two weeks and play an important part in suppressing these tensions in this area. Indian Wars were going to be ended in 1890. The regiments of Buffalo Soldiers were continued to serve the region. Regiments participated in Spanish-American War in 1898 and the battle in Cuba. Many soldiers won medal for their contributions. The black men from the army of Buffalo Soldiers were 5000 in numbers, who had contributed in Spanish-American wars. The regiments had also contributed in over whelming manners in Philippine-American Wars. The period for these wars was from 1899 to 1903. In the Mexican Expedition of 1916 the contribution of regiments of Buffalo Soldiers was notable contributed in extra ordinary manners to serve the community. 10th Cavalry had fought in 1918 during the First World War. They participated in the Battle of Ambos Nogales. The army of Buffalo Soldiers had been successful in forcing the federal Mexican to surrender their military forces. Two German advisors were also killed in these actions of military operation. The buffalo soldiers have also participated in the Battle of Bear in Southern Arizona. The war occurred in 1918 between natives of Yaqui and the US cavalry.

National Parks Services

Form the period of 1991 the US army has served in California National parks including Sequoia National, Sierra Nevada, Yosemite National Park. Us army has been served these national parks since 1891. But the army has only the white members in it. It was in 1899 that African-American was also getting admitted to serve the national parks. It was continue in 1903 and 1904. These were also called the Park rangers. The military troops of 9th cavalry and 24th Infantry were took part to support these services. In this way the patriotism of the Buffalo Soldiers can be seen in this way. One of an top ranked military officer from the troop of Buffalo Soldiers was Captain Charles Young from 9th cavalry regiment has served during summer 1903 in Sequoia National Park (Cox, 1993). He was also the first American Superintendent of national park. He had attained the high ranked position in a young age and served there. As military stewards, Buffalo Soldiers of cavalry and infantry regiments has also served the national parks and protected them from all the illegal grazing, timber thieves and forest fires. Many buffalo soldiers had participated in providing services as park rangers and won many medals. History has a significant impact and contribution of the Buffalo soldiers in formulating the military rangers as well as other services in different areas. The Buffalo soldiers has not only contributed in one are but provided a wide range of services for their beloved country security. But some controversies have been cooped by the Buffalo Soldiers. In last decade, the employments of the Buffalo Soldiers were led to alternate with the critical reappraisal of Negro Regiments. Some controversies arisen that the US government was using the Buffalo Soldiers at the expense of their Native Americans and some other minorities of the region.


Over the whole, the contribution of the Buffalo Soldiers cannot be denied. History has proved the significant contribution of the Buffalo soldiers on American military success. The Black were not only contributed in the army but in different other sectors like their contributions as park rangers, railway sector and many others. Their contributions can be seen not only in War time but also in peace time. The power of struggle and courage can be seen in the behaviors of these Buffalo soldiers. It was an open prove for their patriotism for the country. The major outcome which can be seen from the history and analysis of Buffalo soldiers was the encouragement of justice and indifference behavior with minorities. As the Buffalo Soldiers were the Blacks and related to the African-American Culture. The US army consideration toward the appointment of Blacks in the military forces was an important step in the past that provided the bases for non discriminated behavior of the country toward Minorities on the bases of color and cast. the history of Buffalo Soldiers is exemplary to encourage patriotism and boost up the spirit of present army ranges to protect the country from bad times.

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