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Analyze informational e-mail

Jim Morales wants Greta to call him but has not provided his phone number or a phone number where he can be reached.
b) Outline a writing plan (not the actual message) for the messages.
The sender should not make any assumptions about the recipient having prior knowledge of the information that is being e-mailed. This, therefore, means that wording should be reconstructed to be detailed and specific. Locations and time should be provided (the specific location where the conference will take place and at what time each of the speakers will present). The complete list of speakers with their full contacts should be provided in order to confirm with them about attendance and relay important conference information. Finally, the sender should provide his or her contacts (where he or she can be reached) if a call is to be made.
c) Write a complete, organized message for the scenario.
The planning of the Gamma Fall Training Conference that will be held at the Kendall Campus of Miami Dade College is underway. The speakers for the training session are Nicole Gold (e-mail: [email protected]) who whose training topic is “using e-mail and IM effectively” and scheduled to be training on 12th November. The other speaker is Anthony Mills ([email protected]) has confirmed to be speaking on 13th November about “Lading groups and teams.” Please assist us with contacting each of these speakers via the provided e-mail addresses and confirming with them about the dates and topics they will be presenting. This has to be done before 1st September in order to print the program in time. In case of any queries, contact me on my cell number 1653643. Thank you for your time and assistance and sorry for any inconvenience.
Disorganized Workshop Description
1. List at least five weaknesses of each message.
1. She uses an accusatory tone to Mitchell which insists that the workshop attendance was not Eleanor’s idea but Mitchell’s.
2. She has mixed the past and presents tense.
3. She mixes up suggestions and recommendations hence confusing the reader whether what she is discussing are suggestions or recommendations.
4. Her report is vague and seemingly absurd.
5. The report is not officially based on how she signs her name at the end of the report.
Outline a writing plan (not the actual message) for both messages.
There should be a subject line that explains what the email is specifically about (report on what). She should rephrase and organize her opening with a proper introduction. The body should contain the suggestions made by the speaker and finally, the closing should be officially presented.
Write a complete, organized message for each scenario.
Subject: Report on the workplace violence workshop
The workshop discussed issues to do with workplace violence including suggestions on how to reduce them. The presenter was Kit Adkins who provided three suggestions on how to prevent workplace violence. The first was on how to prescreen job applicants including conducting a background check before hiring them. The second was that all companies should have an employee handbook with guidelines on the steps employee should take when they suspect workplace violence and lastly, the companies should train managers on red-flag behavior that is on how to recognize potential workplace violence.
In case more research is required about prescreening techniques, please inform me and also inform me by 18th November whether I will be required to prepare a report about the same during the management meeting to be held on 3rd December.

Thanks for your opinion!
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