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Anatomy neuron unit

Two types of cells found in nervous tissue? What do they do? 1) Neurolglia-Support, Bind, Protect
2)Neuron-Conducts nerve impulses6 types of neuroglia and what they do? 1)Astrocyte-Maintains shem balance around neuron
2)Oligodendrocyte-Produces myelin in CNS
3)Microglia-Fights invading microbes
4)Ependymal-Forms cerebral spinal fluid
5)Shwan call- Make myelin in PNS
6)Satellite cell-Supports neuron in PNS ONANATOMY NEURON UNIT SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowKnow structure of neuron and what each structure doeshttp://www. enchantedlearning. com/subjects/anatomy/brain/gifs/Neuron. GIF
Cell body
Myelin sheath-Insulates
Node of Ranvier
Schwans cells- Make Myelin
Axon-Conducting fibers
Axon terminal- Transmitters(synapse)
Dendrites-RecieversWhat is the importance of Myelin? Myelin insulates the axon and helps speed up transmissionWhat is myelin made of? 70-80% lipids
20-30% proteinsWhere would you mostly find myelin? Axon of a neuronWhat is a tract? A bundle of nerve fibersWhat is a nerveA bundle of fibers composed of neurons that connects the body parts and organs to the central nervous system and carries impulses from one part of the body to another. What are nerve fibersa process, axon, or dendrite of a nerve cell. What are nuclei? compact cluster of neuronsWhat is ganglia? Regulate the functioning of the body’s organs and glands as part of the autonomic nervous systemOrganizations and divisions of the nervous system and what each of the terms refers to? Nervous System
Central-Nrains and Spinal cord
Efferent-Somatic-Skeletal Muscles-Voluntary
Parasympathetic-Motor neurons(smooth, cardiac, muscle and glandssm sensory neruons -organs), rest and digest, decrease heart rate, involuntaryResting membrane-What ions are present and on which side? Which ion is the membrane more permeable to and why? ECF-NA and Cl
ICF-PO4 and K
Permable to K because higher concentration on inside of cellWhat is the charge inside the neuron?-70 mVDifferent types of ion channels? 1)Leakage
4)Mechanical gatedWhat is happening during a graded potentialCharges in membrane potential that vary in size as opposed to being all-or-none. What is the relative refractory period? The period during which a stronger than normal stimulus is needed in order to elicit an action potentialWhat is the absolute refractory period? The period from the initiation of the action potential to immediately after the peakSpeed of impulse down a neuron is determined by; 1)Diameter
2)Myelin or no myelin
3)TemperatureHow do local anesthetics work on the nervous system? By blocking Na from transmitting across the neuronsWhat must be present for repair of nerves in the PNSCell body and neurolemmaDisorder of Multiple SclerosisProgressive destruction of myelin sheath in neurons of the CNS
Fighting itself, forms scar tissue, non conductive, forms pressure and blocks sodium degenerating activity in neruon
Autoimmune disease
Hardened scars or plaque, develop in myelin sheath in multiple areas-white matterDisroder- Epilepsyclusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior, or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness. What do you call the gaps in myelin sheath? Nodes of raniberThe nucleus of a neuron is located in what part of a neuron? Cell bodyWhich neuralgia cell in a central nervous system protect the nervous system that eats bacteria? MicrogliaWhat part of a neuron might be myelinated? AxonWhich branch of the neuron carries nerve impulses away from the cell bodyAxonAfferent neurons carry nervous impulses from this to thisBody to brain or PNS to CNSWhich part of the cell body conducts nerve impulses to the body? DendritesDuring depolarization which ion is flowing into cell? NaWhich type of cell is most likely to become tumorous? NeurogliaThe leaping action of an action potential is known as what conduction? Saltitory conductionIn cell membrane which ion channel is most abundant? KWhat do we call the period for an action potential that cannot happen? Refractory periodOf the structural neurons what neuron is known as having one main axon and one dendrite? UnipolarPut in order; cell body, dendrite, axonDendrite, cell body, axonWhat determines the speed of nervous impulse? DiameterHow many mV must be obtained for threshold?-55mVWhat is the term for process of depolarizing and repolarizing neuron? Action potentialWhich principle states you will have action potential or you will not have an action potential? All-or-none principalWhich neurons take information from the brain to an effector? EfferentWhat triggers an action potential? Depolarized graded potentialWhich type of neurons can undergo mitosis? Neuralgia crllsWhich neurotransmitter is most common in PNS? AcetylcholineWhat disorder leads to aggressiveness in the CNS? RabiesWhich neurotransmitter functions as a pleasure center and is an addictive behavior? DopamineName a disorder that causes temporary paralysis by damaging myelin on axon or neuronGuilin-bare syndromeAuto immune disorders where there is scarring and destruction of myelin sheath in CNS? Multi-scoliosisVoltage for AP to happen? 30mV

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