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Ancient faith and fable

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Author Voltaire Francois discusses through a satirical approach government corruption, religious doctrines, as well as the injustices and folly perpetrated by the French society in his essay “ The Huron.” In this essay, he explores the above concepts by disusing the story of one man from the tribe of Huron transported to Paris city.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in his essay “ The man of Forty Crowns,” the author Voltaire discusses the various concepts of a crown, and how monarchial hereditaries passes on power from one generation to another. He asserts that some poor leadership traits may sometimes pass on from one lineage to the next during such practices
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ The Sage and the Atheist,” Voltaire explores the different perspectives of religion and the effect that each has on the belief, faith, and religious practices of an individual, and an entire community at large. A sage is a holy person, while an atheist does not believe in the existence of any supernatural powers controlling the lives and doings of men.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ The World as it goes,” Voltaire discusses the vision of Babuoc. In this excerpt, the author explores how the King commissioned his faithful servant, Babuoc to go and visit a faraway country in Persia then bring back a report on the under dealings within the city, using his spirit of discernment, as well as the power to inspire confidence.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ the study of nature,” Voltaire asserts that the concept of fatality governs every aspect of this world, with everything at one point in time dying, or ending its existence in the world through the process of death. He explores that death or fatality is an inevitable aspect in the world, and specifically to all living human beings.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ Andre Des Touches at Siam”, the author explores the visit of this brilliant and talented musician at Siam during the reign of Louis XIV. In this excerpt, the author explores the purity of the science of music before Rameau perfected it, or before its corruption by those preferring the artistic nature of surmounting difficulties and the real composition graces.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ The two comforters,” the author explores two people, a man, and a woman, who try to comfort one another through a difficult situation using examples of the royal family of England, when a number of its members suffered a misfortune, but did not give up until they overcame their impending calamity.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ The Good Brahmin,” the author explores the source of happiness in the life of an individual. As such, he explores the fact as to whether happiness accrues to an individual through his or her ignorance of the various aspects of life, or through his or her knowledge about the various aspects of his or her daily life.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ Pleasure in having no pleasure,” the author explores the various aspects of pleasure, and how an individual can draw pleasure from not having any pleasure at all. This aspect affects especially those who are perpetually unfortunate and have to observe gondoliers through their lives rather than focusing on better aspects of life.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in “ The white bull,” the author explores satirically a Greek tale of the Bull (Zeus) and Europa. This is an exploration of the ancient Greek gods and how they interacted with one another, as well as having relationships with the normal ordinary human beings such as was the case explored in the white bull.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses various aspects of life in the “ Philosophical Dictionary”. In this essay, the author takes an incisive look into a number of aspects affecting the social life of individuals, such as adultery, advocacy, astrology, customs, destiny, as well as beauty.
Author Voltaire Francois discusses in the “ Letters on England,” the author explores various letters written on various key aspects of England. These include twenty-four letters touching on different topics such as the Quakers, the Church of England, the Presbyterians, the parliament, the government, trade, inoculation, the Socinians, or the Arians or the authoritarians.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ The History of the Travels of Scarmentado” about the places visited by Scarmentado. He mentions all the places visited by Scarmentado during his travels, as well as explores the different experiences he got while visiting such places.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ Menmon the Philosopher” who explores various aspects that lead to the happiness of an individual. In such a case, the philosopher attests that for one to be happy, he has to invest more in enjoying his or her passions of life.
Author Voltaire is “ Bababec” as he learned new religious practices while living in India. The essay discusses how Bababec learned Buddhism practices as an individual, as the religious doctrines practiced by the residents of his area.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ A conversation with the Chinese” whereby he explores a conversation with a China man in Holland. In this essay, he learned from the Chinese learned man and merchant about the two incompatible practices.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ Plato’s Dream” a dream that Plato had. Plato was a dubbed great dreamer whereby he dreamt that mankind was formerly double, and for that reason, as a punishment for their crimes, they were divided into male and female.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ An adventure in India” the adventures that Pythagoras had while on a journey through India. Some of the key events discussed in the essay are attending the school of the Gymnosophists, learning the language of the beasts and plants.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ Jeannot and Colin” about the life and times of these two handsome gentlemen. Jeannot was a son of a great mules dealer, while Colin was the son of a humble farmer. These two were also great friends who loved each other dearly.
Author Voltaire discusses in “ The black and the white” the adventures of a youthful man known as Rustan. The essay explores the life of this young man as he traversed the Candahar province as the only son of Mirza within that country
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