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Preferred Program of Study: Global MBA Program (Innovation and Technology Management

My Personal Statement for Global MBA Program
(Innovation and Technology Management)
The world of technology constantly evolves and it needs MBA graduates from top management schools, such as from the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF). With the challenges facing us on a global scale, there is a greater need for companies and organizations to integrate technical and business skills to solve difficult problems concerning strategic management, finance, operation, and marketing. With a background in engineering and a minor economics, I felt that this MBA program will give me a competitive advantage. It will expand my knowledgeand skills in economics; likewise, it will help me to understand better the current technological challenges and issues. Additionally, I will learn how the market and financial side of any project may just be as important as the technical requirements. Likewise, I am highly motivated to apply for the Global Master in Business Administration (MBA) Program, major in Innovation and Technology Management (ITM) because of its highly relevant and commendable prospectus, training and researches for my future world of work.
Immediately after I earned my chemical engineering degree with a minor in economics at the Michigan State University on May 2015, without hesitation, I will enroll in the Global MBA Program. In a span of less than three years, I believe to have already earned a master’s degree. Without sacrificing LSBF’s excellent post-graduate standard, my utmost priority is to optimize my coursework each semester. My short-term goal for applying for the master’s degree program is to explore and acquire as many experiences, skills, and knowledge as I can during my life as a student. Similarly, my long-term goal is to start a family business and be successful in the process as I use my expertise in the field of engineering, economics, and business management. I strongly believe that the program fits in with my future career plans and motivations because I am a highly flexible, adaptable, persevering, and hardworking person, that is, given my background knowledge, professional experiences, and personal characteristics.
Concerning my personal and professional developments, from Summer 2012 to date, I am a Research Assistant, which I consider to be one of the most important work experiences I have so far. I joined the lab solely because I wanted to accumulate a sufficient amount of experiences. Likewise, I wanted to gain insights to research and experiment techniques in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. During Fall and Spring Semesters, I worked on a part time basis, and in the Summer, on a full time basis. During the past two years of my research work, I acquired a lot of technical knowledge and skills. Although work hours are flexible, I still planned accordingly and reasonably, which paved of as I gained more know-how in the subject of Biochemistry and practical management applications. All my work experiences and professional developments have prepared me for my future job (that is, in terms of responsibility, accountability, management, etc.).
The relevant knowledge and skills that I acquired through various placements or previous qualifications include real-life applications of chemical engineering concepts and theories, as well as, understanding of economics in relation to the sciences (especially, biochemistry and molecular biology). I also learned more how to apply my basic programming (e.g., MATLAB), skills, word processing skills, spreadsheet use, and ASPEN Plus proficiency. In a reminiscence, even while I was still in high school, as an English second language learner, I attended a college preparatory boarding school. I was able to hone my skill, not just in language communication, but other aspects of my life, such as in the choice of chemical engineering course and a minor in economics as part of my future career plan and family’s business in Malaysia.
I remember my arrangement with my parents who want me to come back and work in Thailand after obtaining Bachelor and Master degrees. Hence, when I obtained my baccalaureate degree, I will make the most out of my time studying in the United Kingdom during my graduate studies. Though, I still require a considerable amount of work experience, I strongly believe that an MBA degree at LSBF will prepare me for my future careers whether in the corporate world or family’s business. Furthermore, I am arduously persuaded and highly motivated that the internationally recognized graduate education here at LSBF will help me fulfill my dreams in life. After earning a master’s degree, without hesitation, I will then apply for a Doctor in Business Administration at the National University of Malaysia packed with international scholarship grant.
Thank you for your time reading my statement of purpose. Wonderful days ahead!

Thanks for your opinion!
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