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Application short answer questions

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Leadership Experience and Conflict Resolution Essay At my seventh grade, I had a privilege to be chosen as class representative. As a leader, I was given a chance to initiate a welfare programme for the needy in the society. This entailed mobilizing students. I used a strategy of placing posters and availing forms to fill in order to gather more resources. A number of willing people came to support. To my surprise the amount collected surpassed our target. We managed to collect $1000 in money plus other donations.
Recently during my internship at the local restaurant I had a chance to offer an idea to conflicting parties. Due to the sector being a service sector whereby it employs a majority. Therefore, problem came when the employee differed with the management on the effectiveness of services offered to a tourist from France. The tourist had lost his luggage while booking his room. The employee would not explain the location of the suitcase. I intervened by tracing how the luggage was ferried. Surprisingly, the customer had confused his bag while offloading. I sorted the issue amicably.
Furthermore, I had a chance to intervene an employee who felt discriminated by his group members within the work place. The employee would be given menial work tasks in the group. Fearing to report to the authority, I initiated a complaint committee that monitored issues related to employees as this had dented the company image. Though that many employees had silenced themselves on the issues, a number of cases reported. I launched a welfare organization to oversee future complains. From the initiative, the delivery service improved a lot such that customers to the company have doubled from 130 to 242 on a daily basis.
Special Interest Essay
A special interest I had was Pet grooming. Tommy was the present my mother gave me during my birthday. The dog was a German shepherd. Delighted by Tommy, the following day morning I woke up early to ensure his health good. I travelled to the market and bought necessary items such as shampoos, clip dog and shading blade and later took to veterinary officer for check-up. Every day I ensured his hygiene was up to standard. Moreover, having attended to Tommy I took a walk within our compound where I realised that Tommy was trainable. Having attended dog training seminar at our town recently, I learned a lot about pet grooming. On the following day, I taught Tommy a number of tricks. Within one two weeks of grooming Tommy had grown a lot in size. Tommy was capable to identify every member in our family easily. In case a stranger came, Tommy cannot bark come towards me and displays some signs to notify me. At our town, pet grooming competition was held. This enhanced awareness on pets especially to those who treated dog as wild animal. On that day, I had done a smart make up on Tommy. Using shedding blade and applying shampoo, Tommy looked magnificent. From the five of us, I was the only one from our school. Within a short time, I was announced the winner as Tommy was so smart.
Currently I intend to train Tommy to understand a number of words to make it competitive. This will ease communication at any extend. Through this, I am able to start pet grooming centre where dogs can be trained and sold to other people with an interest.
Work cited
George, Jack. R. Pet Grooming Training. London: Pearson Publishers. 2011, Print.

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