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AQUIFERS How many people realize the amount of water they use every day? While people understand that water conservation is a big responsibility in todays world, they rarely take stock of their own water consumption. The truth is everyone uses more water than they need for drinking, cleaning, cooking and other things. If every person made a change in their own lifestyles this would change the whole water conservation situation. This lesson especially hits home when we look at the situation with aquifers. This is the porous rock below the earth in which water is stored. A lot of our water supply comes from water wells that are drilled deep down into the aquifers. We need these aquifers to stay unpolluted in order to continue to enjoy them.
Sadly a number of new techniques threaten the safety of aquifers. In The whole Fracking Enchilada by Sandra Steingraber, the author discusses how natural gas is extracted from shale. The process can be very destructive to the environment. We have to be mindful of this in the future as we continue to try to meet our energy needs while preserving the quality of our environment and drinking supply.
Clean coal is another new technology that tries to reduce the impact on the environment. It is used to capture carbon emitted from the process. It is important to reduce the countrys reliance on coal because a huge proportion of the electricity used by the U. S. Comes from coal and coal can often produce a lot of CO2, the gas that cause global warming (according to some).
For some environmentalists, nothing can save the planet. The believe, like Jensen, that human beings are psychopaths who want only to destroy the world. This is a very foolish idea and Jensen is clearly not an intelligent man. Nevertheless, the idea is out there and should be addressed.
One of the great screen actors of the 20th century is surely Robert Redford. In three substantial contibutions to the history of American cinema, Redford starred in The Natural, The Sting, Three Days of the Condor and The Sundance Red. Each of these movies is unique in their own way and each tells a story about America and is moving.
The Natural is a film about baseball. In it, Redford stars as man with a natural ability to play the game. He undergoes a number of trials and tribulations. The story in a sense is about success and failure in American life. It is truly moving to see how much baseball means to the main characters and how much they care.
The Sting is a story about two conman. One of which is played by Redford and the other by Paul Newman. They decide to con a mob boss. The film is set in the 1930s and has an old timey feel to it. It is fast moving and exciting but there is nothing moving about it.
Three Days of the Condor is about a CIA agent gone rogue and a conspiracy to kill him. It has lots of chase scenes and makes you think about the role of the CIA in todays society. It also has a love story in it.
Finally, Redford has established the Sundance festival which promotes new movies. It was one of the first and remains one of the most successful film festivals in the United States.

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