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Are employee morale and productivity related

The paper “Are Employee Morale and Productivity Related” is a pathetic example of an assignment on management. As the old adage goes, “happy employees are productive employees”, morale and productivity are tied. Morale has been for a long time debated on several businesses as an indefinable, intangible as well as even a choice that an employee may make whether to have it or not. Several business owners are frequently faced with several employee challenges, especially during their initial years of operation. Morale management is one manner in which companies can assist in ensuring that rates of productivity go on growing (David & Cary, 2009). High employee morale leads to overall high job satisfaction as well as well-being.

This basically implies that employees will better work together as members of a team that is cohesive. Maintaining high team morale is a critical step toward ensuring timely project completion and under budget. Thus, whenever, employees are feeling good regarding their job, they automatically will desire to work harder and achieve more. In addition, they seem to invest more in terms of emotions in their work. This means that they are motivated and have a healthy dose of morale and would not like to work anywhere else. Such employees want their company to succeed (David & Cary, 2009).

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Increasing employee morale can boost productivity within an employee group. This is because interoffice relationships usually boost morale within an employee group. Thus workplaces that have employee groups with high morale will generally exhibit more positivity and enhanced interpersonal relationships as compared to workplaces where employee morale is low (Messmer, 2011). Typically, it is much simple to get along well with others when an employee is feeling happy at their place of work and that your relationship with the next person is cordial and warm. In addition, when employees are not having infighting between themselves, they tend to have more time to concentrate on their jobs hence leading to high productivity (Messmer, 2011).

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Management’s influence has the highest impact on the morale and productivity of employees. First and foremost when management treats employees with respect, the employees’ morale will not only improve but it also assists employees in treating not only the company’s customers with respect but also fellow employees with respect (Sharma & Kumar, 2000). Thus, when management shows respect and the workers do the same for the people they interact with, the whole institution can definitely change. Thus sales will shoot and the workers will feel appreciated hence apply themselves fully into their jobs (Podmoroff, 2005).

Management can also boost employees’ morale through effective communication. Thus, communicating effectively to employees can impact them positively with pride, thus influencing the productivity of the company. Management should also involve employees in all communications. On the other hand, employees should also be listened to in case they have an issue. When management listens to employees; it clearly shows that they are keenly interested in their affairs (Messmer, 2011).

Management should also ensure that there is job satisfaction in the workplace. Beyond accomplishments and getting recognized for their achievements by the management, employees also need to be challenged in the kind of work that they are given (Sharma & Kumar, 2000). The management should also increase responsibilities to employees for the work that they do. In addition, the management should regularly train and retrain their employees in new skills so as to assist them in completing their assigned roles more effectively; giving the much-needed room for getting promoted (Ventrice, 2009).

Finally, the management should always ensure that their employees have all the required tools of the trade to get the work executed. So as to execute their tasks well and effectively, managers must ensure that they have provided their employees with the right tools of the trade needed. Eventually, the management must ensure security, safety and overall conduciveness of the environment in which their employees work in (David & Cary, 2009).

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