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The business process management According to this article, a business process management structure is a complex system, which drives a software system to pass and select operational business process. The business process management is considered from a historical perspective but currently the information system has several layers. The central layer of the system consists of an operating system, which runs software that controls the operations of the hardware. The second layer contains the general applications that are used in a wide range of activities while the third layer contains specific applications that are used in special activities. The fourth layer contains tailor-structured applications.
In the past, the business management process structures focused on data but currently there is a shifting trend from the data system to processes. The focus was only on the data specific methods, which has transformed into the creation of the business processes, which was dismissed in the past. The shift has moved further to enhance the redesigning of the process to advanced levels. Separating the business process management into different components is because of the current developments in the area of web services.
Workflow terminologies are helpful in explaining the business process management. The application of business process passes information, tasks, and documents from one party to the next according to the required and set procedures. A Workflow Management System refers to a system that generates and manages the accomplishment of workforce with the use of software operating on several workflow engines that are able link workflow engines, its requirements and the use of IT tools and their applications.
The business process management has several phases, which it uses to support its operational business processes. The first stage is the design stage where redesigning of the processes occur. The next phase is the configuration stage where there is implementation of the designs by a process specific information system. After this stage there is the enactment phase where there is caring out of operational processes using the specific system. The diagnosis phase is the last stage where there is analysis of the operating processes to identify problems and to come up with solutions.
The operational process of the business process management is divided into two trends in the modern times, Case Handling and Straight through processing. The Straight through processing is the automation of the business process though dealing with situations without the involvement of humans. The straight through process adoption is because of the redesigning of the business process management. Case Handling focuses many issues that current processes neglect. It does this by authorizing workflows to be driven by data and not to heavily depend on processes.
A formal language expresses the business process model due to their complex nature to facilitate easy interpretation of them. Lack of a formal language would result to different interpretations. It is very important to pin point defects in the business process before deploying since failure to this may interfere with a core operation in the business. A business process analysis needs to be carried out to determine the effectiveness of the business process. This analysis includes simulation, verification, diagnosis, and diagnosis analysis. The current advancement in web services technology is the latest improvement effort in the business process management. Web services are in a volatile sector of technology, which is improvement, oriented (Van der Aalst).
Work cited
Van der Aalst, Wil M. P. Business Process Management: A Comprehensive Survey. ISRN Software Engineering 2013 (2013): 1-37. Web.

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