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Artificial intelligence (ai)

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AI Methodologiesvarious approaches to AI research. Fall under one of two categories: conventional AI or computationalintelligenceConventional AI (or symbolic AI, logical AI, or neat AI)uses programming that emphasizes statistical analysis to calculate the probability of various outcomes in order to find the best solutionHeuristicsstrategies or ” rules of thumb” used as shortcuts to solve complex tasks. Unlike algorithms, heuristics do not guarantee a correct solutionESExpert System: a form of conventional AI that is programmed to function like a human expert in a particular field or areaComputational IntelligenceSystems that ” think” in the same way that humans think. Systems that learn, develop and reach optimal solutions based on previous experienceNeural Networkuses software to simulate the functioning of the neurons in a human brainSimilar to a child, a _____ ____ discovers its own rules
example: how to tell if a face in a photograph is male or femaleneural net. Turing TestA method of determining if a machine exhibits human intelligence. Alan Turing believed that thinking machines were just around the corner. Researchers today, over 60 years later, are thinking the same thing. Considered the foundation (start) of AITuring Testtechnological Singularitythe point in time at which computers exceed humans in intelligence, launching a new era of innovation. Who is associated with this? Ray Kurzweil. Many are doubtful about his credibilityThe world’s most advanced humanoid robot. Honda’s ASIMOComputer Visioncombines hardware (cameras and scanners) and AI software that permit computers to capture, store, and interpret visual images and picturesNatural Language Processinguses AI techniques to enable computers to generate and understand natural human languages, such as English. Users interact with a computer system via speechTypes of Pattern RecognitionSpeech Recognition
Handwriting Recognition
Facial Recognition____ _____ might use pattern recognitionData miningdigital assistant, or bot, consists of programs and a knowledge base used to perform a specific task for a person, a process, or another program. Intelligent Agent; often include a human persona and animated avatar form. Intelligent AgentsSearch databases for the best price/deal
Interact to answer questions or perform tasks—coordinate meetings/schedulesArtificial Creativitya branch of AI that works to program computers to express themselves through art, music, poetry, and other outlets. ONARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUFOR ONLY$13. 90/PAGEOrder NowTags:

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