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Assignment # 2 self assessment paper

Self-Assessment Tolerance of Ambiguity scores measure your attitude toward change and risk. Discuss what can be learned from your results about the types of job situations or career choices you might feel most comfortable in.
Individuals like me who score (80 score) high on the scale of tolerance of ambiguity are those individuals who are less comfortable with change and prefer working in situations where they have to follow strict instructions and guidelines. These individuals are those who do not indulge in creative problem solving and rather depend on predefined solution to the problems they face on the job (Whetten, 77). Being a person who has higher tolerance of ambiguity I would be best suitable for the accounting and finance positions and jobs. This is because in these positions problems are solved with predefined methods and outcomes are usually known.
Is your Locus of Control score consistent with your self-perception. How might your Locus of Control score affect your management style?
According to the results of the test I have an internal locus of control (2 score) which means that I hold myself responsible for things that happen to me and the events that occur in my environment (Whetten, 78). The findings of this test are consistent with what I perceive about myself. I personally believe that in order to change the current conditions an individual has to take initiative and there is no third party or power involved who can make the conditions better for me. Being a person who has an internal locus of control I would be quite a responsible manager. As a manager I will blame myself for the success and the failures of me, my subordinates and the organization for which I will be working.
What implications might your cognitive style have on your decision making & management style.
The test recognized as the cognitive style indicator helped me in finding out that I have scored more than 3.7 in the areas of knowing, planning as well as creating. This means that as a manager and as decision maker I do not jump to make decisions and my decisions are based on facts and figures and while making decisions I take advice and input from my team members (Whetten, 74). Furthermore, the implementation of any decision taken by me will always be done in a well-planned manner. This means that I will first create a blueprint of how a decision will be implemented and what will be the pros and cons of those decisions and then implement the decision. In managerial position I will be quite flexible with new decisions and would be ready to indulge in trial and error while making decisions.
Compare the results from the two different EI assessments ( the one in the text and the one on-line) Briefly discuss any differences.
The score that I attained was 35 from both the online as well as the book based emotional intelligence assessment which may mean that the tests are quite accurate. The point of differentiation between these tests was that the online test was quite lengthy and comprises of more questions and statements as compared to the online one. Furthermore, there is even a major difference between the methods of scoring in these tests. The scoring method used in the online was based on Likert scale form of questionnaire.
Briefly discuss your emotional intelligence assessment results in the four areas of emotional intelligence (Awareness, Control, Diagnosis, Response on page 97-99) How does this compare with how you see yourself?
I scored only 35 in both the tests that were online as well as within the book which means that I am a person who lacks the trait of emotional intelligence. This even means that I find difficulty in identifying the emotional issues that I as well as my coworkers are facing and I am quite unable to control my emotions from conflicting with my work and decision making (Whetten, 62). The test has provided quite accurate findings as I have witnessed myself getting angry with my fellow group members during different group assignments and that is not because of issues with work. These conflicts usually arise when I have some personal issues and my mind tends to focus on those issues at work which results in conflict between my work and personal life.
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