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Beyond the Big Bang” is an excellent source about the ramifications of the journey to the Big Bang Theory and how this theory came into existence. Inthe beginning, humans did not understand what the universe meant. This resulted in humans trying to connect with nature and astronomy in a search. The journey to the Big Bang Theory was paved with many trial and errors. Astrology, ancient calendars, and ancient telescopes all helped humans build upon each others’ points of view to gather a better knowledge of the universe. This video helps a viewer to better understand why the Big Bang Theory came about. “ Beyond the Big Bang” is a must see video for beginning or advanced students.
The concepts taken for granted today, like the planets revolving around the sun, gravity, and star compositions were unknown thousands of years ago. This led to the Greeks and Romans to create Gods out of the stars. Astrology was born out of the superstitious thoughts of events happening due to star and planet position. The Greeks and Romans could only view the sky with the naked eye. Without modern technologies or telescopes, the ancient world believed the Earth was the center of the universe.
Copernicus, Keppler, and Galileo built upon each other’s work. Despite religious interference, the sun was proven to be the center of the universe. However, Galileo’s attempt to interpret the Biblical passage to fit his theories caused his downfall. From the beginning religious dogma interfered with astronomy and science. Although the telescope was proving Church doctrine wrong, Galileo was silenced due to Church belief. It is amazing how humans wanted to stay ignorant in the name of faith.
Gravity was proven by Newton. This helped prove how planets revolve around the Earth. Gravity holds our universe together. Newton’s formula for gravity and mathematics has built the study of physics. The science and mathematical merger of physics helped future scientists create new theories. Einstein built upon Newton’s theories. The idea of a finite universe scared Einstein, who wanted an infinite universe. After studying gravity, Einstein came to the conclusion the universe did have a beginning. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was arrived by shear thought. He was an intelligent man that could think out experiments in his head. Einstein figured out that the universe was expanding or contracting. Despite his reservations, Einstein proved that the universe was moving away. Einstein could not have imagined that his research would prove the universe as finite, not infinite. As time has gone on scientists have built upon his work proving his theories as correct.
Hubble figured out that the universe was moving away from each individual point in the universe. This was done by the red blur taken by photographic telescopes. Hubble also figured out the light of a star could predict how far a star is from Earth. The telescope helped Hubble to see farther into the universe than ever.
The theories of astronomers, scientist, and physics can all be built upon. The Big Bang Theory has been formulated by observation. No longer counting on the naked eye or primitive telescopes, the scientists today can explore the universe farther. The Big Bang Theory has been proven by the expansion of the universe away from the Earth.
The Big Bang Theory did not appear out of nowhere. It was developed over years and years of knowledge built upon knowledge. Aristotle, Copernicus, Keppler, Newton, and Einstein all built upon the knowledge of the individual’s before them. None of these men had all the answers, just like individuals today do not. The Big Bang Theory was built by many men. However, the Big Bang Theory will continue to be built upon by future generations. In the future more answers are certain to come. Scientists need to keep searching for answers and building on previous works.

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