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Attendance monitoring system of student and professors

Attendance Monitoring System of Student and professors Chapter 1 Introduction “ Time is gold”, as the famous line goes. Time is a very precious thing in today’s fast changing, fast developing environment. Everything happens so fast sometimes we don’t even notice it. Time is observed everyday in our lives. We should always be aware of the time because by doing so we know what we should be doing and where we should be going at that certain point of time. As college university students, we should be masters of our own time.

We should already know how to properly manage it. We should be able to allot time for our friends, for our family and especially for our studies. Most of the time, students lose track of it and this becomes the main reason for being late in class. Punctuality is also a very essential factor for a student. Not only does it become vital because it is recorded by the professor, but in itself, can affect learning. Missing a few minutes in class especially when there is an exam scheduled for that day can be crucial.

An attendance-monitoring system serves as a time log that is set up as a computerized database. It maintains a daily record of a person’s arrival and departure time from work or school. Punctuality in all aspects of life is very important especially in a university. Being absent or late in class has its consequences. Sometimes, the time on your watch is different from the time in your school and this may lead to tardiness. Background of the Study The attendance monitoring system is a system that would check and record the attendance of a student in a class.

Similar to the ID swiping machine at the entrance of each college in the university, this machine will be placed in each classroom to precisely monitor the students and the professor in their respective classes This system is software-based because of its storage of inputs that could be viewed in any compatible browser. The system works by simply swiping the identification card (ID) of a particular student to the swiping machine for him to have his attendance recorded to the system’s database. The attendance of a particular student will be stored to a atabase that could be viewed by the professors or any faculty members, this may serve as their reference as who to follow up to attend their class and which student will be candidate for withdrawal due to absences. Statement of Problem Specifically, the study seeks to answer the following problems: 1. What are the benefits of using the System? 2. In what ways can the device be used efficiently in monitoring the attendance of the class or the professor? 3. What are the features of the system that can help in preventing or lessening the frequency of students who cut classes?

Significance of the Study This study aims to ease the life of the students, professors and the maintenance personnel in the university. Its goal is to prevent or at least lessen the frequency of students who fail due to absences or tardiness. It will also monitor the attendance of the professors so that the students will know which of their professors are present and will not have to wait for further announcements. The monitoring system will benefit the professors because the time that they will spend on checking the attendance can be used for their main purpose, to educate.

This system will also encourage the students to come to class on time because upon entering the classroom, their attendance has already been recorded into the database. The security and maintenance personnel can use the advantage of this system to monitor the classrooms whether if it is available for cleaning or who are the students in a certain classroom at a certain point in time. The Mapping System will help everyone who will be entering the university by informing them the locations of the important locations inside the university.

Scope and Delimitation The study covers the following: * A monitoring system that will allow students and teachers to view their attendance record. * A system that monitors both the attendance of the students and the professor. * Parents can request students’ progress reports or transcripts. The study is limited to the following: * The monitoring system will only be implemented on the 3rd year students of the ICS department under the Faculty of Engineering. * Only the students’ ID can be used on the swiping machines. Only faculty members are allowed to make changes in the monitoring system database. Definition of Terms ID Conceptual definition: any document used to verify personal identity Operational definition: the ID will be used as a card that will identify the student or professor who will be using the monitoring system. Punctuality – is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task or fulfill an obligation before or at a previously designated time. “ Punctual” is often used synonymously with “ on time. It is a common misconception that punctual can also, when talking about grammar, mean “ to be accurate. Monitoring – means to be aware of the state of a system; to observe the behaviour or communications of individuals or groups. System Conceptual definition: is a set of elements (often called ‘ components’ instead) and relationships which are different from relationships of the set or its elements to other elements or sets. It is also a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

Operational definition: Attendance – the persons or number of persons present; the frequency with which a person is present Database Conceptual definition:  is an organized collection of data for one or more purposes, usually in digital form. The data are typically organized to model relevant aspects of reality, in a way that supports processes requiring this information. This definition is very general, and is independent of the technology used. Operational definition:

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