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Ballon photograph

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Balloon Photograph – Edward Horsford Edward Horsford creates amazing balloons through different representations. Even though photography is a mere pastime for Edward, he takes it up pretty seriously. This is manifested through his understanding that he emphasizes a great deal on line, shape, space, color, value, texture and time within his works. He believes a great deal in balance and unity of the various objects that are represented through his photographs. This is one of the basic reasons why his photographs seem much balanced within their entirety (Author Unknown, 2010). For picturing balloons, each of these balloons is popped in a very different way for each and every shoot. The best aspect related with Edward’s photographs is that emphasis is on the elements which he is trying to show or exhibit through the lens of the camera. The dominance is generally laid in the fact that the outline within such balloons is made very prominent and this is one of the reasons why focal point and proportions are marked so very distinctively. When the angles are ascertained, the scales are seen to be very proper and there is not any perspective which has not been touched upon in entirety. This is such an important aspect which is represented through the works of Edward Honsford as rhythm is a very essential part of the photographs that he has captured till now. Since he plans quite a lot during shoots, the success factor is made possible through the very same regimes. Thus Edward’s photographs have followed nearly all the principles of art which remain significant within his final outputs. Works Cited Author Unknown, 2010. Edward Horsford Creates Amazing Bursting Balloons Photographs (Interview and Tutorial). Found Online at: http://www. diyphotography. net/edward-horsford-creates-amazing-bursting-balloons-photographs-interview-and-tutorial

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