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Barangay problems essay

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The statements have been conclude with this Research about the said topic are based on a true surveys answers by the selected Residents In a particular Barangay. This Research states about how problems affects their daily Living. This will give information’s on how a common Residents will provoked a good Help regarding with their barangay, solutions with the problems encountered.

Literature Review: In barangay San Isidro Municipality of Rodriguez Rizal also known as Montalban Rizal Last 2007, Residents can be counted but after 6 years, The Number of residents Increased because government made a Relocation space for those who demolished at different cities so the Family affected decided to relocate at the site as a substitute for their Demolished Houses.

Methodology: Our group conducted a Survey on how or what are their common barangay problems encountered in the said barangay. Individuals went and have their interview in different Sitio and as a Summary of the conducted survey, heres the percentage:

Survey Result: This Survey conducted by Our Group results a higher problems depending on the Barangay crisis.

Problem No. 1 : 27% Problem No. 2 : 22% Problem No. 3 : 16% Problem No. 4 : 15% Problem No. 5 : 8% Problem No. 6 : 12%

Discussion: By the Percentage have been showed, 27% for the Problem no. 1 which is about the Barangay waterways have been polluted caused by the modern living uses of Water, high Industrial water use and factories dump chemical wastes, 12% for the Nearness of Children’s School attainment, 22% for parents jobless, 16% for the transportation hike, 8% for the Crime increase in Places without Public Lights and 15% for the Lock of family rental space for Living including the problem about the Over Crowded buyers of stuffs in the Barangay public Market Place.

Conclusion: With the survey have been conducted by our Group, we Conclude that not only about the Population Problem Increase is the common problem they encountered but also about the Community needs on a Particular Barangay.

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