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Being a good project manager management essay

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Management is planning and organizing projects and operations, allocating funds to minimize costs and maximize benefits, directing practices and events, establishing controls to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiencies, and attractive subordinates. Management is concerned with present activities and the urgent results of those activities. Managers can direct subordinates though the use of formal power and ability, but is not compulsory leadership. A manger is not always a leader. Leadership is additional abstract when considered one by one from management. ( Pettinger, 2001)

A project manager is a facilitator. The management can assist many different types of companies to improve their productivity and effectiveness. The perfect project manager does whatever it takes to make sure to the members of the software project team may do their job. The project manager be the one is accountable used for building result during such as approach to the risk is controlled with indecision minimized. Every finalising prepared by the project manager, have to perfectly be sincerely with the project.

Managers have to deal openly with all members of software and software development on smaller projects. Moreover with big projects, there is regularly a guide developer, lead for graphic designer and lead analyst. Project managers are planning and manage the job.

Skills for the project Manager

If you are being a good manager you must have these most important skills

Organization and planning skill

Communication skill

Problem solving skill

Leadership skill

Team building skill

Budgeting skill

Negotiation and influence skill

Organisation and planning skill

In this organization and planning skill the project manager covers mainly making plans for meeting, accumulate teams, project reports, project documentation, and public relation; develop schedules, requirement, specification and project scale. And must have well communication skill. Because have to communicate and explain the project to every team members. Organising also need outstanding time management skill. That planning skills are very important to give the perfect plan. If the plan comes perfectly (well creativity) can be save the time.

Communication skills

Communication skill, this does not consign at the moment give awarding but to different type of written and oral communication. A Project Manager is look forward to construct first class project planning, create documents, and send out meetings, revises, importance reports and well mannered and valuable email. The project managers must confirm that both information’s are how to coming out from the project, and information’s are coming back into the project.

Problem solving skill

All the time project managers are facing the problems with their every project. As a project manager have to be talented skill to face and solve the problems before they involve with project plan. By structure problem solving interested in your project and difficulty group effort interested in your project team members, and you have to ensure that particular problems are dealt by at the appointed time. And have to found a path to documentation of being talented to identify, deal and solve the problems with confidently.

Leadership skill

Leadership skill is another important skill to manage the planning. Because this is not an easy skill very tricky to take the team through your idea otherwise they (team) fell like, the idea being thrust us. Your leadership have to be friendly and have to be understandable. If they get understand that your idea defiantly that team provide a good vision. And will able to do that with fulfilled.

Team building skill

The project managers have to lead the teams who have different ideas and how they involve into the project. And can get different ideas from them it will help to build the team as well. If the member is new to this job and May not worked together before, in that case have to develop them in to an effective creature

Budgeting skill

In this skill, project manager have knowledge in accounting principles and finance also. To the particular area must to control and need to be budgeting. To control the finance or budgeting have to understood by the project manager. And need to remain the control at all the time.

Negotiation and influence skill

A number of people are having their ordinary negotiation at the same time others are not. But it is not a issue, but could be learned. It is having two parts different needs and come to an agreement. The good negotiation gets good result being satisfied by result possibly with negotiation. This skill may be continuous up to the ending of the project.

And influence also another skill of the project. The ability to get or understanding others opinion, even what they want to do. Politics and power these two parts are there. The politics is involves people to getting different goals and involve to work together. Power is the talent to find them to do the things; otherwise they wouldn’t concentrate on their work and need to be changing their mind to do the things.

As a Project manager have to be as a Leader and as a Manager – The team leaders have to share and well communicators’ with a common vision (for the future state), they must encourage them to increase and establish to the forward way. Excellent project managers will all the time switch since a leader to a manager condition require.

Project manager have to be a Team builder and Team Leader

The reason with the purpose of projects are regularly cross functional in to they use persons who have not worked together. It is up to the project manager have to spilt the the team and lead them through the various team to build times to the point where they will perform as a team. Often the team those cover their possession manager and therefore the manager has no unspoken authority yet still wants to encourage the person. This is particularly true in organisation

The project manager has to be as a problem Solver

The manager knows this skill that could be learned it just needs a small detective job up front you will wish for to first identify the possible causes that guide to the problem solving. Now causes can move towards from a selection of sources some are

Interpersonal problems

Internal and External sources

Technological sources

Management sources


Perceptions or opinions

Therefore going on the next step having established the source causes is to analyze probable options and alternatives and decide the best course of achievement to take.

The project manager have to be as an Excellent Communicator

Being conversationalist resources recognising that it’s a tow path. Information will come into the project and its goes out of the project. A excellent way of review this with the purpose of all communications on your project must to be understandable and complete. As a manager you will have to analyse with both written and spoken communications. Several examples are documents, meetings, reviews, reports, and consideration. A good mind guideline is who wants this information, which assembles and delivers it when or how they need, and what structure will give it to them.

The project manager need to be as a excellent organizer

Let’s very soon consider of the feature you will need to organize; project filing with all documentation, e-mails, contracts, meetings, specialist documents, memo’s, needs and qualifications, changes, information, possibility, problem, etc.It is not possible to stay prepared without having time on Management Skills.

The project manager have to be a Consistent Planner

The proficiency of planning cannot be under estimated (and neither can estimate). There are identified and reasonable steps in developing plans. The project managers they will positively own the Project Plan but there might be other depending leading project. For examples Stage, team, exception, benefit Realisation, Hand-over these plans and etc.

Don not concern if you haven not have the sense of heard some of these as they might not be needed just be alert that planning become second character to you.

There are two part need to be talk about here.

Every plan is for all time documents – don not reduce keep the thinking that.

For example -Gantt chart is a plan – it is only a schedule diagram.

The successful projects are distributed by a well talented team. Always use the team to help build the Plan

The Project manager have to Establish and Manage Budgets

At the understanding of this is the talent of estimation – principally the cost estimates. Almost for all time the project manager need to be confident knowledge of about economic techniques and the length of systems and accounting principle.

The part of the project plan is something calls like pay out plan. These will be explaining the considered spend in opposition to the time scale. The Project managers will would like to get involved in the quoting, purchasing, time sheets, reconciling invoices, labour costs, etc.

The project manager needs to create what has in fact happened as different what was plane and to the project usual finishing costs. Usually accounting and project management equipment will help.

Well, that just on the subject of reviews the most important area. If you are new to the project management, don not be moreover confused by all this there are well understood attitude, plan, implements, and procedures to help you. Way to developing the important life skill of Project Management.

The factor of time is a significant one in the product’s success and needs to be evaluated beside with other important criteria. Looking at the promote window purposefully in opposition to being based on growth and project timelines, or based on other internal factors not dictated by the market situation possibly will come across some opportunities which can improve the product’s possibility of success. Selection makes sure cross functional hold for hitting that window. Good product managers use time to their advantage and plan their product development and launch accordingly.

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