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Bill of rights

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Bill of Rights In the United s of there is the right to firearms while in south Africa firearms are for only the military people. In the firearms section, it is recommended that the United States should change the law right of its citizens to own firearms because the firearms may be used by the citizens for other purposes other than traditional lawful purposes for instance to kill innocent people or commit a crime. Firearms are generally to fight crime and not for traditional practices according to the South Africas law
In the United States imposing of heavy fines in the law courts, is forbidden by the law while, in South Africa, the law can impose any heavy fine on the offender according to the seriousness of the crime (Pederson, 2010). The United States should amend the law on protecting offenders from heavy fines because this encourages them to commit serious crimes because they are aware that no heavy fines will be imposed on them.
In the United States, that cruel and unusual punishments should not be imposed on the offenders while, in South Africas law, there is a specification limiting any unusual punishments. The United States should change its view on the type of punishment because if someone has killed deliberately then he/she deserves heavy punishment including life imprisonment, which is not yet approved by the United States government (Pederson, 2010). People in South Africa may fear to commit crimes because of the fear of heavy punishments while people in United States may dare commit serious crimes because they are aware the law does not allow heavy punishments.

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