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Bmw management



  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. BMW area of improvement
  4. BMW Solutions
  5. Recommendations
  6. Conclusion
  7. References
  8. Introduction

Operations management is a process where system direction and control of the processes transform inputs into finished goods and services. It is also the way the organization does produce goods and their services. It’s a process of transforming and oversetting a set of resources that are inputted into services and goods which is output. Operations Functions of B. M. W comprises a significant number of employees and their physical assets in various organizations. Its also determines the equipment’s which are used and some information should go in an operating system and also how this equipment can be able to market the place. Managers are the one who is supposed to be responsible for their activities such as quality management and control in their business. The Importance of operation has increased in recent years. Managers, they do play a big role in satisfying their customer’s needs and making their business to be firm and strong. Inputs recourses might be raw materials or information or customers. Some examples of inputs in the B. M. W Company which include:-customers – this is a process where you are involved in processing your ticket and baggage. Raw Materials this is where some plastics product they are melted and they do form a mold. Information; a divisor does gather some information to clients and assist in developing financial plans.

Output it’s a product or service required by customers and its broadest sense of the word. Overview functions involve a lot of different disciplines. Productions do have service which operations have. Discussion Operation management is the way products and goods and services are concerned with organizing the process of getting things which is been done. The operation is also used for transforming processes and converting a set of resources into services and goods. Operations management’s functions of the B.M. W involve different disciplines, production, and services. Operation management functions do have a central role in most firms. The functions which are defined to select this determine which product or services will be produced and by which process. Designing in the B. M. W sector involves creation method, whereby the operation involves actual process and meeting of schedules and also do certify production and standards. Operations functions here manager is supposed to be responsible for the success of the product units.

This person needs knowledge which is based on thetechnologyof products which are been processed. In customer’s participation, it leads to the storage, transporting and stocking, and at the same time customer supplies with some of the products. Using customers as labor, enables them to do self-service and this requires customers to physically and mentally able to help themselves. Retaining an existing customer at the B. M. W Company is a much cheaper cost of winning new customers. The designing of a poor product or service can fail to market needs and expectations. It’s more important to make products that are well delivered and processed and closely linked. The designer must work together with the product so that he or she can make it to be a more successful introduction of a new product or service. Products they are experiencing through materials, equipment, and people, People they do know what can be done so as to solve problems. The right quality it’s not best but it’s determined by the cost of the products and the technical characteristics and the requirements.

Manufacturers should procedure the best products in the right numbers and if they are produced in excess of the demands the capital will lower the inventory but if the quality is in short of demand its leads to a shortage of products. The advantages of operation management in job shop production, the operator will become more skilled and it will compete for other jobs and it will give the other business the opportunities. The Opportunities of B. M. W exists to create methods and innovates some ideas. Batch productions it’s defined by the American Production and Inventory Control Society. The characterizes includes, whenever there are shorter productions to run the business when machines and plant are flexible when the manufacturer lead time and the cost at lower as compared to job order productions. The Advantages of Batch production are when there is a better utilization of plants; the cost per item is lower as compared to job orders production. Objectives of the operation management of the B. M. W Company should ensure its products are being produced at more clear and attractive services of the right quality and quantity at the right time and at the right manufacturing costs.

The products are supposed to be of the right quality and the right quantity. The quality is established based upon the customers and their needs Mondy & Premeaux (1992), the manager defines objectives for the operations of the organization and its policies, The operation manager provides the role and the flow of information within the operations. They determine activities that are required so as to achieve thegoalsand assign themresponsibilityfor carrying them out. Operation managers must exercise to control by measuring outputs and comparing their plans in managements. Managers are the one who is supposed to be concerned with how efforts to plan, organize, and to control the behavior of human. Managers plan, organize, and control the conversion process within the organization. Operation management is concern with achieving of both satisfactory customers and services, the B. M. W company should be tacked with these two objectives in mind, and many of the problems will favor the operations manager this is because of the conflicts hence operations manager must attempt to the balanced their basics objectives.


The service’s operations at the B. M. W Company are not immune to some problems associated with making services of operations to meet its objectives. The designing of something do limits for existing equipment, capacity, and facilities, the product upgrades with the new features do have some significant effects on the operations. With the fixed of the process is highly repeatable and the process can be easily be monitored and varied. The importance of the aspect of the design concentrates on utilizing and efficiency in addressing the demands of valuables and customer participation. King the customer outdo the processes whether it’s possible and adopt the industrial process which is designed the processes which are not involving the customers. Mondy & Premeaux (1992), the production/operations management this is the process in which combines and transforms various resources that are being used in productions. It’s the part of the organization which it’s been concerned with the transformation or the range of some inputs into the required field.

Operations management strategies at the B. M. W Company are to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation through low cost and management to improve and to program. To associates with problems and their limits of current process techniques. Management is a process whereby essential business functions take place and the manager is some who is responsible for people and projects together. The two topics include the general manager’s job this is where the manager takes his or her role in leading and managing an enterprise and to be responsible for the company the other one role to determine the long run of all enterprises. The most important role of a manager is to rule the business this is where businesses need different ways of thinking and way of acting in the business. What makes a manager organize and also manage his or her he should be competent and he is organized in his duties. There are travel demands, these are transporting system management and intelligent transporting systems which improve strategies that do improve mobility.

Management quality can certify and help Manufacture Company and put systems and control to ensure few and more profitable business. The company that does approach the certification at the end it’s the one whose succeed; effective quality management system its standard of quality. The standards involve overtime which reflects aspects of the industry. When businesses get standards quality that when it becomes certified and these show the customers that it’s well-practiced and the product they are of high quality.

BMW Solutions

A business that certifies doesn’t always go on by certification practices that are needed to increase their quality. Short-term thinking leads to a business in some problems. One particular do challenge the quality management. The old standby quality approach they are six sigma and they change your organizationcultureto drive strategy and business transformation. This deserves much intensity to all other initiatives that can operate in big companies. The strategic six sigma principles and practices which can help companies they include. This is formulating and new existing business strategies. They also deal with changing and they increase complex customer requirements, they also facilitate mergers and acquisitions. The growing number of companies beginning to realize the implications caused by six sigma; especially engine to accelerate corporate strategies and organizations.

The BMW ought to entail below solutions to cub their problems:

  • To help the company’s topleadershipteam by implementing six sigma and developing a committed team of leaders to support.
  • Thinking and practicing into some strategies and planning. Establishing connections with customers and their large market place where the companies do operates.
  • Ensures leaders view the companies, not as a set of isolated functions or independent.
  • To develops measures and demands which are tangible results from people in their works.
  • To be committed to fulltime to the business, aspects of grogram to ensure that work is progressing toward achieving goals and objectives.
  • Megginsion (1992), the BMW company should avoid introducing new work processing and product without have relied on your customers through design and development processes.


By choosing some issues a good manager should know that he can able to bring some talents within his organization and he does choose those which have the greatest and which are long term and those which can make his talents to be more productive. Under ordinary times he will have three or four major objectives during any single period of time. Management is one role that is fast growing the security market while continuing security to enable to increase of attention to identify issues. All managers perform some same basics functions to make sure the business runs well. The manager is supposed to strive hard to reach al objectives in an organization. As a manager, it’s good to make use of your time and the functions of management are to control in devising a way to ensure all plans are being achieved well. As a manager, you are responsible to ensure thing of yourself they are running well and they are all correct and measure are being taken. The person whose proficiency has applied the competency repeatedly and successfully in their performances of his or her jobs but has much to the advance. Aspects and behavior which is associated with the B. M. W Company and operation management. A person with a high level can have knowledge and experience with competency and can apply well on job with any assistance. In this stage, one is an expert and has experienced many careers in his or her own work. To share a list of keys people organize and resources so as to help to solve Problems College to have trained or mentor you on how to effectively schedule this skill will lead to the best learned from a job that is trained. In an informalinterview, the manager is involved in scheduling and attending meetings with him if it’s possible.

To have relations with your customers in your business you can be able to understand their needs and their concerns. Making you available it will direct you to contact your clients. To rotate your job and assignments of various employees so that you many know how your employee interacts with their customers. As a manager, you should be asking for assignments in workforce planning. It’s good to spend time observing your work operation so that you may know the processes and problems that need to be solved. As a manager, it’s good to have a meeting with your employees so that you can be able to solve tasks with schedules. To make work to be organized and activities to run smoothly and efficiently manager is supposed to be responsible. Whenever the manager of the B. M. W Company moves to many places, he develops a network for some information in many different departments. He does keeps the sources and keeps them open no matter how high they will be. A skillful manager usually leaves members of his organization so that they can judge them and decide which level to inform him.

Managers are supposed to respond immediately with a reasonable in various problems and how to overcome them. Another skill is to save time and energy for various issues. For keeping someone informed. About a wide range of operations and decisions which are been made in different steps in a company. The importance of operation management in the B. M. W Company has highly increased the function to enable to increase and improve productivity while providing a broader high quality of the products. The benefits of establishing standards include decision making. It’s also requiring thinking outside the organization and use of new technologies and also resolving the provided mechanisms. A customer is an individual or a group and he can be the process in the organization, this is by providing some raw materials. Operation management expectations include cost, time and delivery, theenvironment, level of services, and the quality of the product or services. In designing of the products can fail to meet the market expectations in the market. Organizational functions entail addition to the setting of the department structures.

To compare productions and the services in operations most services have elements that are based on operations integrated with service delivery. The situations which are faced by a service operation manager may be less significant and less encountered by the production and manufacturing manager. The depth of planning and preparation which enable products to be consumed, Customers they see only the delivery of the products and services they are given and some customers may not mind the time that they will take to wait. Some customers will not wait and wait for the response. The difficulties in stocking a service include the capacity wasted if not in use. The isolation of the customers is less for services than for goods and when personal services if offered the customers they are more involved. Customers immediately are less such that the systems are more sensitive and more personal to control. Conclusion If the managers do operations of business or organization smoothly and in the right order, he will get the benefits in the organization. But if they do not cooperate with his organization well, it will have fewer benefits.

In my viewpoint, it will have a conclusion on how I can believe my experiences of the operations management and it’s could be one of my benefits. Also for the B. M. W business to run well it’s should have some inputs and outputs and to make an organization to be successful it’s supposed to have objectives of operations management of how is speed when doing your work and cost of your varieties and goods. The quality of your goods matters a lot in your organization and your goods it’s good to have better qualities so as to attract more of your customers in your organization. For a manager is required he or she to be focused on his daily duties and also he should be capable to make the organization to be organized and it’s been operating well. In a company foundation, it is also more important that is when businesses have a good start it can enable it to learn well. The manager is responsible to make sure every department its learning well and everybody is well located in his or her own departments. The operations function of B. M. W is responsible for producing the services or goods and managing the supply that would provide the incoming resources.

The manager is required to innovate and ensure the success of new products in the market. It is the responsibility of the management concerning Operations management strategies at the B. M. W Company to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation through low cost and management to improve its productivity and to program its services worldwide. Lastly, the B. M. W Company should try and incorporate the use of the internet and e-commerce to market its products to customers.


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