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More Information about the Business Edge Program Dear Mr. Johnson, Since you requested a summary about the Business Edge Program offered at Edith Cowan university details about the program are enclosed within this document. This program consists of 4 units and is completed by the end of the 3 years of the Bachelor of Business Program offered at ECLJ.The main aim of this subject is to develop skills in students so that they could be successful in studies as well as odays highly competitive corporate world.

The highlight of this program Is that theory Is applied with practical sessions so that students will gain a sound knowledge as well as develop skills relating to self advocacy, personal management and information management. Issues relating to individual learning styles, group work, cross cultural communications, critical thinking and ethical behavior are also tested.The Business Edge Program ensures that the needs of employers are met by making sure that students gain employability skills through activities and assignments in lass. Through the submission of assignments on the due date and by completing given tasks and achieving the stated goals and objectives within the given time frame our ability to deliver a timely service to customers were enhanced.

Through team based activities we obtained organizational and coordination skills as well as the ability to work successfully as a team player and to contribute independently as well.Since this program required submitting journals on a weekly basis, report writing and performing presentations based on different scenarios; by the end of the Business Edge Program we developed a sound knowledge on written and oral communication skills.

Every Human Resource Manager needs a high level of conceptual, analytical and problem solving skills, and it was gained by coming up with solutions for obstacles and scenarios posed by our lecturer. The Business Edge Program also caters to the selection criteria mentioned in your reply.At the completion of this program every graduate possesses skills and experiences which will help them excel in the work place. A description of my ability to meet the criteria entioned in your reply, according to the experience I gained Is enclosed below.

1. Ability to work independently and as part of the team This criterion could be addressed through a simple but effective activity we performed during our course work. This activity was called the Water Bomb in which lecturer showed us how to do.Our allotted time was a quarter of an hour. Even though it looked easy it wasn’t the fact when we started to make it. Our first strategy was to make bombs individually within the team, but it did not work since all of our members had things we weren’t good at. So we studied our strengths and weaknesses and we divided the work accordingly.

It worked, and we produced more effective and efficient results. In the end we realized that trough careful planning and coming up with a strategy and by adapting to the situation our goals could be met.The same theory could be met when it comes to the corporate world. Human Resource Managers specially, should poses the skills of working in teams, and getting things done with and through employees. Adapting and the ability to overcome obstacles successfully is something that every manager should have. And through ctivities such as the above, the ability to work independently and as a part of the team has been molded into all of us who took part in the program.

2. Experience and Knowledge of oral presentations This experience was gained through an assignment we were given which was called the Managers Hot Seat group oral presentation. The main aim of this was to produce a professional business presentation, designed to communicate our findings of the scenario which was given to us by our lecturer to the audience. In order to come up with a good presentation we had a team meeting and discussed all about the topic, he expected outcome and goals and most importantly how we were going to find facts and how to present it to the class.After that we divided the work among ourselves and started to work on our presentation. We consulted various people and sought out advice and overcame problems and shortcomings.

We practiced beforehand and on the day of the presentation we managed to capture the attention of the audience . Similarly in the corporate world managers our expected to perform oral presentations every day, to effectively communicate ideas to motivate and ncourage co-workers.This skill is a must have for any Human Resource Manager, and through the Business Edge Program offered at ECU I gained the opportunity of polishing up my experience and knowledge of oral presentations.

3. Ability to research and critically evaluate information Another assignment given to us was the Referencing Test which we did in the class. For this activity we had to refer books and answer multiple choice questions. Even though it was an open book test we were given less than half an hour. But the catch was that we had to refer the resources we ad with us to answer them.Referencing and presenting true facts is important and the outcome of this was to achieve goals and outcomes on time and in a resourceful manner.

The same scenario occurs in an organization where you are expected to present facts and fgures in accordance with the stated subject. Therefore through the above information I hope you consider me to be the ideal candidate to be employed as the Human Resource Manager of your esteemed company, since I have followed such a program.

Thanks for your opinion!
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