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Building bridges

The Difference between Iron Triangle and Agile This paper is based on the lecture by Erin on Agile online. Here, the discussion seeks to differentiate the Iron Triangle and Agile. From this discussion, it can be inferred that the Iron Triangle demonstrates the aspect of scope, cost and schedule of a project. On the other hand, the Agile concentrates on intrinsic, extrinsic and the constraints of a given project. Therefore, the Agile is an advancement of the Iron Triangle since the constraints comprise of the cost, schedule and the scope of a project.
The Iron Triangle should be used in this project. In this case, Erin is lecturing about how time can be maximally used to produce a high output. The cost used to set up a project should be realistic and should have returns. Every business or project management aims at making profits (output) and time and cost are the core factors for a profitable output (Beierwaltes).
The On starting a project, one should first construct a WBS (work breakdown structure). A WBS consists of a schedule on how the project will progress and the time assigned to ach task in the project. There are three constraints on a project, i.e., time, scope, and the cost. The scope is results that are expected from the project and time constraint is the scheduled time to complete a given task. Cost is the primary constraint in the discussion because it is the amount of capital available for a company to complete its project successfully. The Cost must be budgeted at the beginning of a project, and it should have an excess. The reason is; if after a long period there will be mismanagement of funds, then the excess capital will be used to complete the project.
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