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Business and being a good person


This essay focuses on the thought proposed by Anita Roddick, founder of body shop, the natural cosmetics retailer, that being ethical in personal and professional environment can help do great business and take good decisions. The essay will be supported by personal and successful organisational examples. In general, ethics is defined as, “a system of moral principles which affect how people make decisions and lead their lives”. Backing up the definition, ethics is used to affect the way human beings react to circumstances. However human beings behave irrationally and tend to follow their “gut instinct” even though their head suggest a different course of action.

Personal Ethics and Business Morals

Personal Ethics defined by Potter Stewart, “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do”. Personal ethics can be the conceptions of one’s regards as desirable. Ethics can also be explained as a philosophy which determines what a person believes is right or wrong. These can impact ones personal as well as organisational behaviour. Sir Richard Branson has defined ethics as,” Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this next great frontier where the boundaries between work and higher pressure are merging into one, where doing good is good for business.” Individual qualities have been related with individual choice conduct. Past researchers have discovered that administrators will in general react to moral issues situationally. (Fritzsche, D.J.J Bus Ethics (1995) 14:909) Business morals is a very systematized scholarly field, which manages the ethical element of business movement with regards to global business, it implies the treating of good inquires of universal business should be touchy to universe and not childish for its benefits. Ethics acts as a managerial dilemma to profit of organisations, this conflict between economic activities and its social performances. One’s perspective on social obligation proposes that financial duties are of the best greatness in an association. This view is in connection to the established or monetary view. As clarified, the traditional view expresses the essential need of amplifying benefit for an association as long as it comprises to the base necessity of the monetary and legitimate duties. (Joyner & Payne, 2002: pp 9). Having good morals help in making good decisions and morals are developed from good ethics. Henry Kravis, says, “if you don’t have integrity, you have nothing, you can’t buy it. You can have all the money in the world but if you are not a moral and ethical person, you really have nothing”. (Stanwick and Stanwick, 2014 P.114).


Decision making is said to be a psychological process where one can never see a “decision” which one can never see from detectable that a choice has been made. Decision Making is an imperative piece of numerous callings, where masters apply their ability in an offered territory to settling on educated choices. For instance, medicinal basic leadership regularly includes making a finding and choosing a suitable treatment. Because of the expansive number of contemplations engaged with numerous choices, choice emotionally supportive networks have been created to help leaders in thinking about the ramifications of different strategies. They can help lessen the danger of mistakes. There are many kinds of decisions, namely, “Decisions Whether” where decisions are made by selecting an alternative. “Decisions Which” wherein one or more alternatives are involved. ” Contingent Decisions” where decisions are made when few conditions are met. The importance of decision-making impacts on actions and behaviour of an individual or organisation that leads to consequences whether good or bad. MNC’s across the India and Europe have implemented several ethical policies within their organisations like whistle blower policy, which helps employees raise their voice against any sexual misconduct. There are dress code policies which are followed mandatorily, these help people make a good reputation about the company in front of the client/ customer and indirectly help bag the project. There are many explanations behind expanded societal spotlight on morals. Trading on wall street, protect contractual worker embarrassments.

Imparting Moral Conduct

Ethical behaviour at workplace is extremely important. Managers have bounty on their plates at some random time. There are dependably calendars to make, positions to fill, requests to place and choices to make. In the tumult of maintaining a business, it’s critical to make sure to impart moral conduct in the entirety of your workers. While it might remove time from your bustling calendar, making, instructing and keeping up proficient gauges in your business can be definitely justified even despite the undertaking. While your industry may have special moral contemplations, there are a couple of things practically all codes should address. For instance, your composed framework should enable workers to choose what to do if an irreconcilable situation emerges. Moreover, your rules ought to talk about subjects like internet-based life, customer security, protection for partners, exclusive data, taking care of money and submitting costs. Your code of morals ought to likewise plainly layout a convention for when things turn out badly. All representatives should realize who to tell on the off chance that they witness deceitful conduct. Moreover, they should realize what will occur after they report it to you and that you will shield them from countering. Be straightforward about how the procedure will function. Make certain to include your HR group in these choices.

Distributive and Procedural Decency

Each organization must have experience of issue that how to rouse their workers. It reliably finds that representatives are increasingly propelled when they feel that hierarchical assets are allotted reasonably, that authoritative choices are made in fairways, and that their association treats them decently. To decide is the enterprise treats representatives with decency; there is two logical structures to characterize the reasonableness in an association, which are distributive decency and procedural decency. Distributive reasonableness depends on the result and the view of people accept they merit. For instance, if expansion ascends by 5% and livelihoods go up by a similar edge individual will see it as a reasonable result (Terry, T., Dienhart, J. and Thomas, T., 2008). Procedural decency is worried about the procedures or methodology that make results. Take enlisting workers for instance. They assess the reasonableness in application, meeting, and choice procedures. Are those procedures steady after some time and the equivalent among people and gatherings? Is it in unbiased and straightforward circumstance? Take Primark for instance, it communicated their Code of Conduct that any provider making these things must pay workers in any occasion the most reduced pay allowed by law, as set by government. They intentionally vet every single preparing plant, checking compensation and working hours records in focal point and address pros themselves, in conviction, to affirm the data. (2015)

Improper Practices

Entrepreneurs who enable deceptive practices to run widespread hazard destroying their organizations. While a few impacts are clear and quick, others require some serious energy and decimate the organization gradually. For instance, you may prevent representative burglary from quickly costing your business cash, yet an injurious worker can cost you much more over the long haul. One-way dishonest conduct can hurt your business is by causing legitimate inconveniences. On the off chance that you overlook conspicuous maltreatment, for instance, you could finish up confronting a carelessness claim from the person in question. In like manner, a bookkeeper who cooks the books may spare the business cash at first, however that activity could prompt noteworthy lawful inconvenience for all included. Improper practices can likewise influence your workers in manners that hurt the reality.

The Example

While some may contend that Starbucks has no spot on this rundown because of its opposition smashing business rehearses, the organization’s awful press shouldn’t surpass what it accomplishes for society. While it isn’t immaculate, the organization rushes to fix its ecological issues, from extraordinarily decreasing the water it utilizes for its scoop well to utilizing reused paper in its containers. The organization additionally urges customers to be ecologically cognizant by offering a 10-penny markdown to the individuals who bring their own reusable glasses and giving free espresso beans to buyers who need to utilize them for fertilizer. Starbucks is likewise committed to its baristas, offering them full medical coverage advantages and stock honours. Likewise, similar to another questionable organization on this rundown, the organization is additionally a vocal backer of same-sex marriage. Instances of people acting morally, carrying on courageously in a sea of enticements, show youthful personalities what ideals look like by and by and urge these learners to act outstandingly themselves. Tales of good realities in real life request to the mind and the heart, teaching the intellect and expanding the craving to emulate what human progress has come to respect as right and great.


To conclude, this essay has demonstrated that the business ethic in context of representative, for example, equity and reasonableness, human rights and working condition. Furthermore, the connections between business morals and business activity. For instance, set aside extra cash for claim and repayment, notoriety, financial specialist devotion, consumer loyalty and benefit. Business morals are an ethical idea as well as a down to earth thing that each organization should focus on and pay attention to it. Because of expanding benefit as well as working business with still, small voice.


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