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Business communications/

Business Communications/

Timeline for National Day of Community giving IMMEDIATELY THE EVENT IS ANNOUNCED Send to donors informing them of the opportunity to leverage their gift with date, time and details of the event
Place event logo on your website and hyperlink to the giving day site.
Constitute comprehensive information on the event in all communications handed to the donors, staffs and Volunteers.
Consider plausible donors who might fit the event needs.
Start communicating via social media channels
Add to email tagline
Consider a special e-blast reminder to staff, donors and volunteers.
Plan a public event to connect into the Giving day event.
Contact local media and inquire if they would share your proposal and participate in the event.
Administer the link to the event site with display pages.
Send out creative arts and ads to popularize the event.
Post stories on the organizations impact on social media and encourage people to support you on the day.
In case of any specific prizes, you need to develop a strategy and communicate to the donors, staff and volunteers.
Contemplate discharging a calendar invite for the giving day to all stakeholders.
Encourage stakeholders to promote the organization through their social media pages.
Encourage board and staff to do outreach to their friends, donors and family that they are closer to for a personal request.
Reinstate posting event information on social media and web page.
Post link to donation page if need be, on the giving site everywhere
Send reminders to all parties.
Updates on social media page on a daily basis.
Consider personal request to donors and provide a way they can participate to the event.
Use social media to keep supporters updated.
Follow the leaderboard and check the nonprofit donation.
Call major donor to appreciate and thank them.
Send emails for those who committed to give yet they haven’t given.
Send a thankful letter to all stake holders.
Call major donors to thank them.
Post the final results on social media and web page. (Guffey and Loewy)
Follow-up letter
Dear Sir!
It was a pleasure talking to you on the upcoming national Giving day event earlier this week. I enjoyed learning about you wise intentions and support for the event. Since we talked the board resolved to accept your proposal in sponsoring the gifts for the event. As u predicted we found the idea very timely and convenient for the event.
You expressed interest in learning more about the organization with donor funding. It would be my pleasure to inform you about it. I will let you know when I will be in London and perhaps we can schedule a meeting. You may also be interested in our website in which we have provided all the basic information concerning the organization’s mission, vision, objectives, administrative structures and latest events among other information. www.gefoasintern.org.
I will soon write or phone you to request a meeting.
Best Regards
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