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Business D1 Business D1 Importance of Interpersonal Skills Application of interpersonal skills, especially in communication in business context has become increasingly important. In this case, interpersonal skills involve application of different tendencies depending with the nature of and context of the situation involved (Tracom Group, 2013). For instance, different interpersonal skills are applied in communicating with a family member compared to negations with a business associate. Therefore, if these interpersonal skills are applied effectively, they can be very contributive to the facilitating crucial business operations. Nevertheless, application of interpersonal skills is depends on communication, which is either formal or informal.
Effectiveness of Interpersonal Skills
Effectiveness of interpersonal skills is manifested through development of substantial communication capabilities. For instance, people are able to communicate freely, though without the knowledge of the messages that they are disseminating (Tracom Group, 2013). For instance, effective communication skills entail aspects such as maintenance of eye contact, control of physical twitches such as fidgeting and concentration, while listening during a conversation. In this case, an active listener is able to ask clarifying questions, which is an illustration of their effective interpersonal skills in terms of listening. Therefore, through this way they can ensure that the message is understood as it is being conveyed.
Problems Associated with Ineffective Interpersonal Skills
Ineffective interpersonal skills can cause serious problems during a serious conversation, thereby leading to misunderstanding; in fact, this can also lead to conflicts (Tracom Group, 2013). For instance, in a situation where a business associate does not maintain eye contact during a conversation, this is an indication that they are not interested with the message conveyed; hence, this becomes demoralising.
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