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Business law assignment

The buyer has three days to cancel the order. (b) Each must tell the buyer of her rights. (c) Each must give the buyer a written notice of her rights. (d) The seller can cancel orally or in writing. (e) If the seller cancels, Each must return her money within 10 days. 4. Depending on state law, if a lender violates the usury laws, the borrower could possibly be allowed to keep: l. The interest that exceeds the usury limit II. All the interest Ill. All of the loan and the interest (a) l, II, and Ill (b) Only I (c) only II d) only Ill (e) Neither l, II, nor Ill 5.

Jodie is upset because her credit card bill shows a charge of $39 too pornographic website that she never visited. Under the FACE: (a)She should call the credit card company to tell them that this charge is wrong. (b)She should call her parents to let them handle the problem. (c) The credit card company has 90 days to respond to any complaint she makes. (d) The credit card company has the right to close out her account until the dispute is resolved. (e) The credit card company must investigate a complaint and respond within 90 days. Essay Questions .

Process cheese food slices must contain at least 51 percent natural cheese. Imitation cheese slices, by contrast, contain little or no natural cheese and consist primarily of water and vegetable oil. Kraft, Inc. Makes Kraft Singles, which are individually wrapped process cheese food slices. When Kraft began losing market share to imitation slices that were advertised as both less expensive and equally nutritious as Singles, Kraft responded with a series of advertisements informing consumers that Kraft Singles cost more than imitation slices because they are made from five ounces of milk.

Kraft does use five ounces of milk in making each Kraft Single, but 30 percent of the calcium contained in the milk is lost during processing. Imitation slices contain the same amount of calcium as Kraft Singles. Are the Kraft advertisements deceptive? Yes because the amount of milk Kraft said that the cheese contains is inaccurate. 2. Josephine was a 60-year-old widow who suffered from high blood pressure and epilepsy. A bill collector from Collections Accounts Terminal, Inc. Called her and demanded that she pay $56 she owed to Cabin Hospital.

She told him that Medicare was supposed to pay the bill. Shortly thereafter, Josephine received a letter from Collections that stated: You have shown that you are unwilling to work out a friendly settlement with us to clear the above debt. Our field investigator has now been your employer. The immediate payment of the full amount, or a personal visit to this office, will spare you this embarrassment. Has Collections violated the law? Yes, collectors are not allowed to contact acquaintances When customers called the number provided, New Rapids Carpet Center, Inc. .NET salespeople to visit them at home to sell them carpet that was not as advertised??it as not continuous filament nylon pile broadloom, and the price was not $77. Has New Rapids violated a consumer law? Yes New Rapids did “Bait and Switch” 4. ETHICS: After TNT Motor Express hired Joseph Bruce Dry as a truck driver, it ordered a background check from Robert Arden & Associates. TNT provided Drugs social security number and date of birth, but not his middle name. Arden discovered that a Joseph Thomas Dry, who coincidentally had the same birthrate as Joseph Bruce Dry, had served a prison sentence for drunk driving.

Not knowing that it had he wrong Dry, Arden reported this information to TNT, which promptly fired Dry. When he asked why, the TNT executive refused to tell him. Did TNT violate the law? Whether or not TNT was in violation, did its executives behave ethically? Who would have been harmed or helped if TNT managers had informed Dry of the Arden report? Yes they did not provide his full name so they could not tell which Dry was sentenced for drunk driving. No the employee deserves to know why he was fired. Dry could have been helped if they told him, Dry could have told them the truth and not have been fired.

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