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Business management and leadership

I am HR department personnel of the organization; it is a prime duty to recruit a manager for a department within the Services division. The Vice President stresses that this department has not had a good manager in years. I need someone who can take charge, organize things, and get people motivated and working again. Here are list of ten questions that I will use during theinterviewprocess that go beyond the information one can gain from the candidates application or resume. These would provide me the insight into why the candidate can fulfill the requirements outlined by the HR manager.

How would you assess yourself as a potential candidate for the post of manager in the service division and why? What are the basic principals of a service department success? During a situation of argument or heated discussion, how would you handle your officers? How would you council a personnel who has gone through a personal turmoil but is a very important member of your team? What would you do if the workers ask for an untimely bonus? What is the procedure that you would employ in terms of irregularities and lateness?

Do you believe that a manager should be the boss or a friend to the employees? How would address the personnel in terms of achieving a very difficult target? What would be your plan of action if an employee falters twice on the same issue? How important it is to evaluate personnel in terms of skill andpersonality? Which one is more important? There are several types of characteristics and experience that I would look for in the candidate of a manager. First, there must be sense ofresponsibilityand an essence ofleadershipin this person.

This person should always be ready to take up the charge and accept challenge. This person should be able to formulate quick strategies for operation and should be a good organizer. Furthermore, this person must be a successful motivator and should be able to work successfully under adverse conditions. Despite our choice of one particular style of leadership, even during times of crisis (such as an organizational overhaul), we must keep in mind that no one leadership model can be our sole key to success.

Our managerial capacities are proved only by means of our ability to combine and amalgamate various styles in order to obtain the results we are keen on achieving. For this, it is important for us to understand and tabulate our specific requirements and desired outcome before everything else. It is also of some value to understand our own selves and find out what our personal style of leadership is. Often our own unique approach, though theoretically quite inappropriate in a given situation, can prove to be a real savior.

A good manager must inject these qualities into the subordinates too. Such a leader is easily accessible and believes in keeping themselves available and in full view. They communicate their conviction in their workers strongly enough to convince them of their own capacities. It can well be stated that all these are the fundamental requirements of an able and successful manager and leader of the subordinate staffs. (Lamb, 2004) References: Lamb, Davis; (2004); Cult toCulture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata; Wellington: National Book Trust

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