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Can technology replace teacher

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Behind every mind blowing successful invention and in our ever developing world, technology plays a vital role . Technology knows no bounds . With every passing minute, technology is advancing to the point where we wonder whether it will substitute our teachers also. Technology can never replace teachers, and I strongly support this because neither a robot nor a laptop can match the teacher’s catering to the needs of a student and the discipline that follows. The foremost duty of a teacher is to inquire that her teaching style and teachings attach the demands of the students as well as education.

For example if students in a class are not satisfied by the teacher’s teaching style, the teacher can mend herself to what the students require. Whereas, no technology can understand a student’s problems and difficulties. Technology can provide all the information they have, without considering that the student understands it or not. A teacher never proceeds until she is sure that all her students are keeping up with her. Thus technology has no chance to replace teachers in future, because no one would be satisfied then.

School is called a ‘ second – home’ for It Is a place where a child learns a wide range of essential manners and discipline. Just imagine if technology were to replace It, none of this would be possible to convey. Because as we all know ‘ actions speak louder than words! ‘ . So, in no way, can technology replace a human being when It comes to instilling manners and discipline In students. A key to a student’s academic success In the classroom Is motivation. Motivation Is something, which only a human can evoke In their students. For a student, who keeps going…

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