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Career plan essay examples

Career management

I chose Dynamic Design Software solutions For Telecommunication Networks who specialize in telecommunication network inventory and resource management, providing solutions for design automation and operational efficiency. The company’s Vision: “Become their partner in managing your telecommunication network”. My vision is “knowledge is power. Creativity is the way to chose” . I would like to work with the company to help me grow in my field of study and invent as I innovate newer software’s. I would appreciate working in the esteemed company to develop the latest software using the latest programming languages.
The Job description requires a NetworkEngineer whose job purpose is to: Establish and maintain network performance by enhancing internet connections and configurations and correcting the network problems. Job duties, establishing networking environments by designing a system configuration; directs system installation; define; document, and enforce system standards. Maximize network performance by monitoring the performance; troubleshoot network outages and problems; schedule upgrades; monitoring and defining access
Participate in educational opportunities to update knowledge; read professional publications; maintain personal networks; participate in the professional organizations. Accomplish the information systems and the organizations missions by filling related results as required. Report network operation status by gathering; prioritize information; managing projects.
For the advertised job vacancy, the applicant must possess a minimum degree level education, project management services, proxy servers, network performance tuning, tracking budget expenses, problem solving, networking knowledge, LAN knowledge, people management, network designs and implementation and three years working experience.
I possess leadership skills, have passed degree level and has at least three years experience. I possess project management skills as well as people management skills and networking knowledge.
An interview may have literal view, hybrid view or narrative view. Face to face assessment occurs in interviewing. Questions asked by the panel or an individual assess the interviewee’s ability to handle problems. It also verifies the worthiness and credibility of their presented papers. In interviewing, one must relax and take time to answer the questions. Critical thinking must be applied in the interview. Answering of the questions correctly and with confidence earns individual high scores in the interview. The interview must touch on all areas of the human aspect. It must be all rounded to ensure that employees who pass are complete employees .
My referees are; Benjamin Poelman who is an Application Support Engineer in HIS, Kenneth Greene who works for NCOIC Voice Networks USAF and Chris Woods who serve as a Customer Shift Manager in KFC. They could make a good reference for my hard work and dedication to the work assigned to me. All the past employers have rated me excellent in my work. I will be using career plan elements to increase to advance my knowledge and application to the new potential opportunities. From this project, I learnt that employees subject themselves to growth or stagnation. Meeting new challenges in a working environment teaches students more.


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