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Case analysis

Case Analysis Case Analysis Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American based multinational medical firm dealing in pharmaceuticals. It is a consumer packaged goods manufacturer. A company’s success is based on well-formulated strategic plans that have seen it survive in the medical market for the past 126 years. Among the successful corporate strategy adopted by the J&J include managing the long-term. The firm focuses on building a sustainable customer loyalty and value. J& J is broadly based in human health through continuum care by preventing, diagnosing and treating various infections. It operates under a decentralized management approach based on the belief that the leaders maintain a close contact with patients and customers by addressing their needs. The company has maintained the values of their customers employing a business performance in providing its services. The strategic move adopted by J&J to reach this position is the operation under a competent diverse board of directors.
The corporate strategy of J&J has enabled it expand its markets in America’s competitive health sector. It currently operates 134 manufacturing facilities and 8 innovation centers globally. That enables it to innovate new products and achieve customer satisfaction in service delivery. Synergy has helped J&J manufacture and produce better products and deliver services that satisfy customers’ demands through improved growth and innovation. CEO Weldon formed a corporate office that encouraged J&J’s business units to work with other firms in promoting and identifying opportunities. The cooperation between J&J and H4+ has helped reduce mortality rate in children and reduce pregnancy and birth related complications in women. Weldon employs his persuasive skills in luring firms to work with them and convince Doctors and Hospitals to try their products.
Weldon uses his leadership skills to implement synergy at J&J by promoting collaboration and participation within and across cross-functional business units. Weldon has succeeded in drawing the diverse skills of J&J’s business units across the three divisions as a way of promoting innovation. Gorsky needs to maintain good communication with other firms to promote synergy. That consequently expands J&J’s domination in the economic platform.

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