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Case study example

1) First of all I would try to diagnose the situation. I would like to look into the potential causes of why things are the way they are. I would then communicate them to the top level management and would also tell them my vision. Then I will ask them to implement my vision and solve the problems identified that are leading to the problems. I believe in not only solving the problems, but also eliminating any causes of the problem.
a)Low-Morale: This can be checked by having a staff survey or a questionnaire floated in the staff
b) Some Staff “do not carry their load”: I would like to find out if we have over employed people, if this is the case I would to try to streamline the human resources.
c) Lack of Two-way communication: This can be checked by talking to the lower-level management and staff
3) These conditions can occur from a combination of lack of communication and lack of importance given to the lower level management and staff. This can also occur if there is high level centralization in the organization.
4) He can turn this into an opportunity by solving these problems and by showing an increase in the hospital’s business and improving its reputation. A CEO can achieve far more by turning a dog into a star then by running an already successful organization.
5) No way, as it is already discussed that identifying problems if of no use, unless the causes of these problems are discovered.

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