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Case study on cholesterol

Cholesterol Case Study:

Cholesterolis an organic molecule, natural lipid, modified steroid, which is included into the cell membranes of all the living organisms with the exception of prokaryotes or bacteria. Cholesterol is insoluble in water, but is soluble in oils and organic solvents. More than 80% of cholesterol is produced by the organism (in liver, kidneys, etc) and other 20% are supplied with food. In the organism there are 80% of the free and 20% of bounded cholesterol. The major function of cholesterol is to maintain the stability of the cell membranes in the broad interval of temperatures. It is essential for the production of vitamin D, steroid hormones, female sex hormones called estrogens and progesterone, the male sex hormone called testosterone, and according to the latest research it plays an inevitable role for the work of the immune system and can protect from cancer.

In fact, cholesterol is divided into the positive and negative. On one hand high cholesterol is the characteristic feature of a healthy person if it regulates the processes in the organism well, but if the organism suffers from high negative cholesterol, numerous problems occur, heart attacks, apoplexy are the most widespread among them. There are many factors which increase harmful cholesterol in the organism: smoking, obesity, heavy eating, little physical activity, unhealthy food which contains primarily fat and carbohydrates (meat, fast food, sweets, etc), disorders and diseases related with liver, alcohol and drug abuse, diabetes, etc. The most useful method to stabilise the level of cholesterol in the organism is a diet and intensive physical activity. The topic on cholesterol is becoming more and more relevant nowadays, because more and more people suffer from high cholesterol because of the unhealthy way of life and other related factors, so students are offered to research the definite cases on cholesterol and study its effect on the human body.

Investigating the case students are expected to learn about cholesterol, its structure, function, pluses and minuses in general and only then analyse the definite case on it. Yung people are asked to interview their patient and learn about the factors which caused high cholesterol and describe its consequences for the human health. After that students are able to share their points of view about the case and solve the problem professionally. Case study writing is the standards assignment for students of all levels but they still have troubles with it and require professional assistance. With the help of the Internet one can look through a free case study on high cholesterol and see how to construct the paper correctly. A free sample case study on cholesterol is a valuable piece of writing experience for every student.

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