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Case study on happiness

Happiness Case Study:

Happinessis the state of an individual which is characterized with the feeling of well-being and total satisfaction with the conditions and way of life, the quality of work and leisure time. The phenomenon of happiness is generally studied by philosophy, ethics, psychology, occultism and theology. Paying attention to the physiology of happiness, it should be admitted that there is a list of the hormones of happiness: endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. When there is the lack of the hormones, the organism loses the physiological features of happiness.

The lack of the hormones is provoked by the diseases caused by viruses and infections and problems with the endocrine system. In the ancient philosophy the problem of ethics is the central category. The ancient philosophers tried to understand the source of happiness and these sources were different: happiness as a result of kindness, aesthetic feelings, etc. The major thesis concerning the explanation of happiness was the domination of the spiritual values over the material ones. It was believed that money and property do not cause happiness but the biological, economic, political, cultural and physiological aspects are the main ones to reach the state of happiness.

From the point of view of economics the explanation of the term ‘ happiness’ is different and is closely connected with money. If there is much money, the person is happy, because she can afford health, love, entertainment and self-development. Religion observes happiness in connection with the categories of harmony, piece, love and kindness. The term happiness has a great number of explanations and it is impossible to define the single one, so it is believed that everyone understands happiness in his own way. Happiness is a broad category and students who are going to prepare a happiness case study should observe the problem from different sides or chose the major approach and follow this way till the end of the research.

A well-organized case study is expected to explain the term ‘ happiness’ in detail and research the definite case on happiness professionally. The student should observe the details of the case, research the case site, learn about the cause and effect of the problem and finally evaluate the case appropriately discussing the category of happiness objectively. When there is a trouble with case study writing, the Internet is always at hand. It is possible to find and use a free example case study on happiness scale written by the well-educated experts and see how to organize the paper of this kind correctly. A free sample case study on happiness at work is a valuable piece of help for everyone, because a student is able to improve his knowledge about the right formatting, construction and research of the definite problematic situation.

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