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Case study on project management


Objectives and goals of the topic you’re going to Investigate
Business objectives
Business objectives are the sets of goals and outcomes on the end of project to achieve the business plans, thus it promulgate the enabling various objectives that creates and determine the balance groups in requirements which affect the interest on how the business will go through.
The objectives which require establishing the base blending on various interests on customer service grouping include the benefit of all employees that will receive a high standard of product and dividend on receiving the good wages so fourth and soon.
Project managements create a ladder of objectives at the peak of mission on creating a wider purpose that follow a relating aspect such as:
– Objectives on market share.
– Objectives on customer satisfaction.
– Objectives on staff satisfaction.

Objectives and Goals

The project plan of customer service build up will then enables to achieve the set limit within the time frame and how it will work on various components through the required assessment values established in delivering the business in a series of policies, programs, budgets on enabling the target meter will essential for the outset of ongoing basis.
– Useful possibilities in qualifying an objective, in increasing the market communication share and satisfactory development.
– The need of challenging objectives that should be implement on a achieving factor
– The attainability that shouldn’t be unrealistic in setting out plans.
– The understandable communication provides by the customer services which the most useful part can be broaden.
Setting out the purpose on mission statement varies from specific end targets that introduce the project plan on new legislation piece on relating aspects in overall purpose.

Type/kind of problems you want to demonstrate for the same subject

– Customer Service Representative is lack of training.
– When employees are not systematically trained to contract through their every day everyday jobs, they are further liable to make mistakes that will lift the anger of customers. There should be an adequate amount time and resources depleted on incessant training. First hire preparation is serious for informing the employees concerning the company vision, mission, goals, and exacting job tasks.
– Customer Service is the lack of concern for some Customers Representatives.
–  Communicate states that if these agents do not contain the motivation to love their job and be concerned for the customers, this will reproduce in the examination they give to the last. This is why the variety procedure of hiring is critical. The company ought to not desecrate money on hiring customer concern representatives who do not contain the correct attitudes for the job. Only individual’s applicants that have the character to provide customers uncomplainingly, professionally, and in a gracious behavior must exist hired.
– Misunderstanding
– Customers take delivery of products or services that do not function properly. This familiar criticism can be handled by fitting the replacing it through a new one. Customer service training cautions next to blaming the customer when a product is damaged.
–  Burnt Out
– When there are too many enthusiastic calls and problems heard every day, even customer service representatives also cultivate exhausted. Stable communication with employees are significant, so the administrator will decide when the agents have to break, like allowing them to acquire their foliage, as a substitution used for of forcing them to job and then consequence to delivering unfortunate customer service.
– CSRs not believing in the products and services of their company
– If the point of reference and illustration of the company is dissimilar from its culture and products or services, the employees will become disappointed in given that appropriate customer service.

The key of correct process that project manger

Telecom customers nowadays are more difficult than ever before. They want products, services and solutions that imitate the most recent in technology, are modified to their desires and affordably priced. Etisalat has now set in place the idea, tools and channels to deal with our customers’ desires. Primary is the restructuring of our sales and promotion groups. The new Enterprise Solutions Group has been specified the challenge of result and implementing solutions to today’s composite information, communications and technological requirements of big businesses and organizations. The new Consumer and Small to Medium Business Group will center upon the expansion, packaging and release of products and services for a broader, more standardized market. Authorities for e-Vision and the Contact Centre have been realigned and these units now outline an essential part of the general business marketing tactics. With these alterations, we emphasize our evolution from a technology-based business to one that is client focused (Etisalat.ae, N.D.).
This will carry regarding many more alterations focusing on client care. This is in line with our intensive hard works to get ready ourselves and the state for competitive advertising surroundings. We eagerly present our full assistance to the regulatory authority, as well as, our opponent to assure the furthermost champ of all is the client. Our diagram for rivalry is summarized in three simple chapter headings – elevating the contributions to existing clients; gaining of new clients; and security of our client base (Etisalat.ae, N.D.).
Project management is warily planned and organized as to accomplish a successful project effort the insertion of a specific outcome result to produce the new major system.
– Create a detailed master project schedule
For a very small project a rate of tendency something that can be simple like an spreadsheet to pick a collaborative team and schedule to stick a run productive meetings on revising a weekly manage.
– Develop a requirements traceability matrix
Said requirements of lifeblood on the project, having requirements of verifying the actual making in the way of developing a product that creates traceability on matrix of planning phases of the managements checkpoints review sessions to verify against the product stability.
– Generate key upfront planning documents
Contrary on the senior belief management the planning should create a communication plan strategy that builds a significant billable deliverables. To get the customers feedback and sign them on to amend the critical setting of the wheels on the motion and getting the project headed toward the course direction of expectation what does the project going to be.
– Perform risk identification and management
Finally the contrary of the risks on every project determine the early outcome of the threshold risk on managing and detailing the early planning session where critical thinking proposed an ongoing sight of risk that might build the management preposition on burying the doubt to likely grow throughout the process. And engage to a revisited status meeting.

Find out the actual defect or problem and how to overcome with it

Project Manager
All excellent managers desire to distinguish sound concerning all objections from their customers. Just when a complaint has been spoken can the suitable counteractive accomplishment be in use. Without customer complaints management frequently assumes that the whole thing is acceptable. “It is estimated that for every customer complaint received, there at least 26 complaints that are never expressed. Furthermore, a customer with a complaint is likely to tell 20-25 other customers and potential customers about his or her complaint.” (http://www.mti.gov.bw/content/types-customer-complaints).

Broke Customer Service and their Solutions

CSR’s are not trained – offer possessions (time and money) for preparation and strengthening. People can only do the job if they are given the right tools and objectives. It costs money to train people; it will cost more if you decide not to train them.
CSR’s don’t care – Make it center of concentration the choice and assessment procedure to make out personalities that do not robust the obligatory outline. Get the incorrect people out right away, it also sends a understandable communication to everybody.
Responding to a Complaint Slowly – Set the objective that all customers’ service inquiries must be given a answer contained by twenty four hours.
Incentives/salary not tied to results – if you maintain that the company depends upon people, and that people are the key to achievement, put into operation reimbursement parcels, evaluations and incentives that carry and support this.
Personal problems reflected in work – Understandable communications workers: of their character subsistence is offensive employment performance, gossip concerning it. Time off, admittance counsel or just listening might avoid more grim problems.
Good customer service has always been important, but simply in recent times has bad customer service turn into such a public liability.
Customer is denied a refund request – It should be the companies responsible for the damage, consider offering customers other services, goods or credit to turn their bad experience into a good one.
Not Providing the correct solution to customers – Give the customer on the have frontage on lines the influence, authority, tools and skill to get to the bottom of problems.

Comparing current process and project manager roles

A Project manager role is to know their limitations, It’s easy to fall into the trap of thoughts we can get on whatever thing and just ‘make it work’, but the truth is we can’t constantly do that and the last thing we want is for our careers to experience or our project customers and teams to undergo as a consequence of poor forethought and planning on our part or our own inability to speak up on our own behalf. If it’s point in time to take a place, then take that place. You’ll possible be less harassed as a effect.
Current Process Management to achieve business outcome, the importance provided for the customer be required to be most important. The best meaning of a business procedure is a position of functions in a confident succession that, at the end, delivers value for an internal or external customer.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Throughout the development stage process, of the project plan were many individuals are involved about the desires on community to their fellow people to the response of extensive rates by the public which highlight the result of plan on final recommendation through the coordinated board members. The intent of this plan was not routed to have an input on licking countries, this input was indented for the outcome of local, residents, and public and private providers of human service that aid to improve the attributes of better service targeting moderate coordination of human service clients.


Extended Service
– Extension of hours is needed to meet the human service needs of clients. Not likely providing a 24/7 service is possible; rather an extended hour shift would do to occupy a full service commitment but having a limited coverage on weekends to meet the optional and non-optional need.
– Expansion of the area and current coverage of the network on city limits.
– Service that are more appropriate in an allowed boundaries to readily reach by the general public and also allows the outreach of population including the current customer service agencies to well spread the other information.
Based on the service study it is a considered focus crosses the importance of the individuals that are more favorable on current systems and comment about the desire to have an excellent customer service that aggressive in punctuality and courtesy, reliability, and cleanliness. To meet the pre-recommended requirement on both parties in fund and improvements also in enhancements of changes that support the creativity and technology effort the make it coordinated as a successful customer service system.


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