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Case study on radiation therapy

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Radiation Therapy Case Study:

Radiation therapyis the treatment of the human diseases with the ionizing radiation (X-ray, gamma rays, beta rays, neutrons, etc). Generally, radiation therapy is applied for the treatment of cancer and nowadays it is one of the most effective therapies which can reduce the impact of the disease and even cure it on the early terms. The mechanism of work of the radiation therapy is quite easy. The rays are supposed to destroy the cells of the tumor in order to stop its constant growing. In addition, radiation therapy influences the cell’s DNA stopping it constant division. It is obvious that the use of radiation therapy is quite a dangerous process, especially if it has a certain impact of the human DNA.

Many people simply do not survive after the therapy or receive the extra diseases after it. Unfortunately, there are no alternative solutions to the curing of cancer and if the condition of the human health is poor, there is no choice but to apply the radiation therapy. If the therapy is practised frequently, it can influence negatively and the person dies very soon. Because of the heavy therapy the patient feels weak, has fatigue, vomit and loses hair. Applying the local radiation therapy, there are local burns and injures of the skins under effect of the rays. The frequent practising of the radiation therapy can be compared with the unsafe work at the nuclear power station.

Radiation therapy is also applied in cosmetics, for example, to get rid of the body hair. Radiation therapy is special type of therapy which can cure cancer but it can not be called a safe method, because it affects the human health negatively. When one has been asked to prepare a good case radiation therapy case study, he will need to read a lot about the therapy in the encyclopaedias and scientific journals in order to learn about it more. The case study is expected to have the full description of the case, the cause and effect of the problem, the pluses and minuses of radiation therapy and the objective evaluation of the condition of the patient under research and the quality of the therapy. The best way to prepare a good case study is to use the wise help of the experienced writer in the Internet who has written a free example case study when radiation therapy kills for the student’s advantage.

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