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Chemistry Describe the configuration of an atom. An atom is composed of a nucleus. The atom also possesses atomic orbitals and energy levels which are made up of electrons.
2.) Explain the process of radioactive decay which takes place on (^14)(^6)C or what is known as carbon 14. A radio carbon such as carbon 14 will undergo a process of electron mission, therefore losing energy and moving ultimately to a place of chaos or entropy. The following formula will illustrate the radioactive beta decay which will act on carbon 14: ^14_6C——> ^14_7N+e
3). Utilize the S P D orbital system to describe Potassium. An orbital is essentially a theory of something rather than an actual something. This orbital is said to contain electrons with certain numbers of electrons assigned to each energy ring of the orbital. The particular orbital and electron configuration for potassium may be represented in this manner: K1s2 2s2 2p6 33s2 3p6 4s1
4) Covalent Bonding-Covalent bonds are among the strongest of the bonds because it actually engages in sharing electrons between 2 atoms, thus allowing their bond to be much more stable. Ionic bonds are characterized by the fact that they are bonds which form between two metal or non metal ions. It is essentially the attraction between these two ions which allows for the ionic bond to form.
5). When going down group ! On the periodic tables, name how ionic radius and hydrated radius change. Ionic radius goes up as the one scrolls down the group but the hydration radius however, lowers as one scrolls down the group.
5). When referring to proteins, it can be said that proteins are either primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary. This is simply referring to their structure. Proteins are composed of amino acids. The first protein structure to discuss is primary proteins which are the simplest of the protein structures. One may look this this:
A secondary protein is found when observing along chain polypeptide and then suddenly, the appearance of alpha helices and beta pleated sheets appear. These more complex protein structures are known as secondary proteins.
Tertiary proteins are simply the long chain of polypeptides as a whole. This long chain, consisting of primary and secondary proteins, folds in and around itself forming a 3 dimensional structure. The final and specific protein shape is known as quaternary protein configurations. This is often a case of many polypeptide chains all wound together, equipped with primary structures, alpha helices and beta pleated sheets of the secondary proteins and so on.
6). What mass solute should be weighed out to prepare 250 ml of . 2m sodium chloride solution? (Na= 23g mol-1, Cl= 35. 5g mol-1)
9). Name the structure:
10). Structural isomer- The structural isomer for hexane is C6H12 with 5 structural isomers. Structural isomers exists fro the purpose of integrated different substances into molecules, such as the hydrogen which when paired appropriately to carbon, yields hexane.
11). The structural unit occurring naturally in amino acids is both a carboxyl group (COOH) and an amino group (NH2).
12). CH2CH2CO2H is the representation for PTH or parathyroid hormone.

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