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Cicis pizza is a fast food franchise and a decent example of fine managerial skills at its best. The founders of the franchise had a high degree of spatial ability. They could create a clear mental picture of what they wanted their franchise to be. This is very important in any venture especially one that involves management. The founders of Cicis pizza also had a high sense of perceptual ability. They could clearly tell and interpret what was needed in order for their franchise to succeed. Due to their cognitive ability and mental prowess Cicis is today a majorplayer in the fast food industry.
Cicis pizza prides itself as being exceptional in terms of customer service. This means that all employees must have exceptional verbal abilities. These verbal abilities will enable them to effectively communicate with the clients and appeal better to the clients. Client centered practice also requires the very best in terms of emotional ability. The employees need to be able to identify with the emotional disposition of the clients. This will enable them to leave an impression on the client that will leave the client thinking about Cicis long after their visit. This means that the employees must have a high degree of self-awareness. Loss of focus while dealing with clients is unacceptable in a trade such as the one Cicis is in. The competition is very high and ever on the rise. The spatial ability of the employees is therefore expected to be at an all-time high. This will enable them to see the clients as three dimensional being each with unique needs in terms of service and interaction. A combination of this and exceptional general cognitive abilities will enable the employees to interact with the clients on a whole new level.
According to the manager at one Cici store a key element that they consider before hiring employees is their psychomotor abilities. This means that the employee has to be flexible. The employee must be able to move swiftly in order to match the large numbers of orders and customer service and requests that Cicis pizza gets every day. The potential employee must also be fit physically and be able to deal with the sometimes tiresome and extensive working hours and demands. The next aspect they look for is the mental faculty of the potential employee. The employee must have a high sense of reasoning ability. This means that the employee must be able to work effectively with minimum supervision or follow ups. The employees must also display that they can use their emotional intelligence. This will give them the ability to know exactly how to deal with each particular client and how to capture the interests unique to each individual customer. The potential employee must also show that they have an exceptional physical ability before they can get the job. Physical ability proves that the potential employee has stamina. Stamina will enable the potential employee to work more effectively and even have a better attitude in regard to their job.
Cicis is not all about making money. The franchise also partners with local schools in a campaign aimed at empowering the youth at school. This is a display of the cognitive ability of the management. The management clearly knows that aiding the community is just not good for boosting sales but is morally upright. Clearly Cicis has its emotional regulation in check and the reasoning ability of the management is very high.
The franchise can however improve and do even better than it is already doing. One recommendation is for the franchise to empower the employees and help them develop their verbal abilities. The franchise can also improve in terms of attracting more clientele. This can be done by better advertising.

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