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The Congress of Vienna The Congress of Vienna holds very immense importance in terms of European history sinceit helped in the determination of European boundaries, most of which still remain impacted to this day. The negotiations at the summit were mainly dominated by Austria, Britain, Russia, Prussia and France. The Russians and Prussians basically demanded the merger of Poland with their lands, in answer to which the British formed a secret alliance with the French and the Austrians to minimize their moves in Central Europe. Ironically though, France got to keep its original boundaries. Another key decision that was made was the prohibition of Atlantic slave trade by all countries. However, even though all powers agreed to this, Britain was only one who actually kept the word and set up a naval squad against the slave merchants.
Keeping it short, the Congress basically helped in establishing long-term stability in the European lands in a very diplomatic way. Thus, it was widely regarded quite a success since it created powers of equal influence with enough power to hold its ground but not enough to go too far without the help of a coalition from the rest. Because of that, Europe did not go to war for almost a century. However, it did cause the social progress to slow down, and hence there was a lot of conservative and liberal activity between 1815 and 1848, which eventually led to the revolutions that took place in 1848-9.

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