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Clinic management system


This is a medical management system, assisting user to administer a huge data in clinic. In addition, another function is allowingdoctor, nurses and the administrative staff. On the client point of view, this is a faster and easeful way to link to the healthcare service by using the system. ‘Clinic Management System – CMS’ is specially designed for general clinic, this system let them have high efficiency management tools, computerize and systematic patient’s record, detail of drug information, this is the first achievements of the medical services.

Medical services computerize is an irresistible general trend, this web site will provide medical information for the client, the user can find out a message they care. CMS provide on line appointment feature, which allow patients to make the appointment through Internet. Furthermore, doctors can manage the clinic daily work by using CMS.

Nowadays computer has a strong capacity to provide information on a person that has a disease or has ahealthproblem that needs to be cure, a lot of people are going to their doctor and asking them on their status, and a lot of doctors are always saying to us do you have record in this hospital, if the person then the doctor well go and find that record on the cabinet and by looking for you files it will take a lot minutes, that’s way this program came out a system that will easily search the medical records of the patients, in this case this program has database that record the status of the patients, it is easily use to find out the status of a person simple clicking their files or searching their status on the database of the hospital, first we need to identify the person by knowing who is he/she by filling up the form that was provided by the hospital.

Definition of Terms

Once data have been screened for typographical errors, the data can be validated to check for logical errors. An example is a check of the subject’s date of birth to ensure that they are within the inclusion criteria for the study. These errors are raised for review to determine if there are errors in the data or if clarifications from the investigator are required. Another function that the CDM can perform is the coding of data.

Currently, the coding is generally centered around two areas adverse event terms and medication names. With the variance on the number of references that can be made for adverse event terms ormedication names, standard dictionaries of these terms can be loaded into the CDM. The data items containing the adverse eventterms or medication names can be linked to one of these dictionaries. The system can check the data in the CDM and compare them to the dictionaries. Items that do not match can be flagged for further checking. Some systems allow for the storage of synonyms to allow the system to match common abbreviations and map them to the correct term.

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