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Collaboration and decision support

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Enterprise Decision Support Tools The use and importance of Decision Support Systems could not be denied because they provide various tools to an organisation’s executives and managers, who need concise and relevant information for decision-making and problem-solving. For instance, the first support tool available to managers is the access to data warehouse where organisational information is available in the form of financial reports, memos, speeches, plans, proposals, discussions, feedbacks, reviews, press releases, marketing research findings etc. The managers access and utilise their required information (through data services option) to devise policies and prepare future plans. In addition, the system also identifies what information could be accessed and helpful for executives from different departments. The next support tool is ‘ forecasting’, which enables managers to input business data in system so that system application automatically provides forecasts, estimations and certain calculations in the form of text, charts and tables. Hence, the manual process of forecasting is replaced with this new technology, thereby reducing time involved in decision-making and strategic planning. The third major support tool is known as ‘ automatic report generation facility’, which provides updated daily / weekly / monthly reports on progress of the firm so that policy-makers will remain updated regarding business performance followed by changes in external environment. Also, the system provides email and contact facilities with real experts and other organisational personnel via intranet so that decision-makers could enhance interaction and information sharing before policy formulation. Reference Ba, Sulin, Karl Lang, and Andrew Whinston (1997). Enterprise decision support using Intranet Technology. Decision Support Systems, Volume 20, Issue 2, pp. 99-134

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