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Collective bargaining process

The paper “Collective Bargaining Process” is a perfect example of a management assignment. Collective bargaining is a process where workers of a certain organization meet together and converse with their employers on various issues concerning their employment. In many countries, collective bargaining is the process by which union and the employees’ representatives meet and bargain a new contract concerning labor. Although in many countries collective bargaining has a deeper legal implication, in general sense it is the coming together of the employees to negotiate the terms of their employment with the employer. There is the element of the collective agreement which means a labor contract that is signed between an employer and an employee or a contract that is entered in by an employee, an employer, and a labor union. The process of a collective bargaining involves the employers not honoring a contract between them and the employees or if the employers come up with a new policy that does not favor the employees but on the other hand favors them. This can be interpreted to mean that the management of an organization can come up with policies that do not favor the employees but on the other hand favors the employer or the management of an organization. In this scenario, the employees may come up with a collective bargain method and this means that the organization will need to have to come up with a better policy. However, this policy will have to be negotiated by some individuals and not by all the employees of the organization. This means that the employees will have to come up with some representatives or union leaders. In some cases where there are no unions in that organization, the employees appoint some representatives. In many countries, there is the provision of a central organization of labor unions which is very instrumental in negotiating for the employees with the employees. When the collective bargaining talks begin, the parties may come to an agreement, a compromise or a disagreement. When the parties come to an agreement, the employees continue working under new policies or the old policies of employment are recalled. If the parties come to a compromise, it means one of the parties agree to work under a certain policy with some clauses removed or recalled. When the parties come to a disagreement, then there is the possibility of the workers going on a strike. A strike is when the workers refuse to work under a certain condition and the organization has to come to with new policies of employment. Of importance is the contract between employees and employers. The contract must be honored by both parties and must be arrived at if both parties feel that they are not being oppressed by the other party.

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